Batman Cheats: Arkham Knight – PS4 – Cheat codes, Guides

Easter Egg

Reference to The Gray Ghost There are several posters from The Gray Ghost. It is a guide to the episode “Beware The Gray Ghost” of the animated series.

Batman: Arkham Enter the Gotham police station and explore the evidence to see weapons and objects confiscated to the villains throughout the saga.

Superman Listen to the messages in Bruce’s answering machine at the Wayne Tower to listen to Lex Luthor’s messages. Some thugs also make references to Superman.

Riddler riddles

New game +

Complete the game to unlock new game + in the main menu. You will keep your Waynetech improvements and experience points. It also unlocks the difficulty nightmare.


Adam West: Exclusive PlayStation 4 reservations. Available in the season pass in autumn.Anime Batman: Connect the game with the wbplay account.Batman 1st Appearance: Reserve in some distributor or in the serious edition.Batsuit v.7.43: initially available.Batsuit v.8.03: progressing in history.Flashpoint: Included in the Premium edition or the season pass.New 52: Free DLC.


Most wanted missions

Balloons (DLC Batgirl)

Joker’s teeth (DLC Batgirl)

Box (DLC Batgirl)

Immediately in bed (Batgirl trophy)

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