Assassin’s Creed cheats: The Brotherhood – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Trick mode

Complete the following task to unlock the cheats that will be activated when you play again in memory sequences.Mount the unicorn: get 100% synchronization in sequence 1. Steel buns: get 100% synchronization in sequence 2. Killer Juerga: get 100% synchronization in sequence 3. Female Brotherhood: get 100% synchronization in sequence 4. Ultimate Group: get 100% synchronization in sequence 5. Lesassin’s unlimited signs: get 100% in sequence 6.Desmond everywhere: get 100% synchronization in sequence 8.

Cristina Memories

Complete the following task to unlock the memoirs:

Second Opportunity: Get 15% Total Synchronization. Last rite: get 30% total synchronization. Best Man: Get 45% Total Synchronization. Non Grata: Get 60% Total Synchronization. Lost love works: get 75% total synchronization.

A needle in a hay.Like an eagle (bronze): jump in parachute from the top of the castle of San Ángelo.Spring cleaning (bronze): kill a guard with a broom.Put on the gloves (bronze): win the biggest bet in the struggles.Technical problems (bronze): Try to access DNA sequence 9.Synchronizing (bronze): Complete a multiplayer session with at least one murder (multiplayer only).Your wishes are orders (bronze): throw money to a well….- .. …- — (Bronze): Solve all the puzzles of subject 16.ˇA covered! (Bronze): Destroy the bomber.the water! (Bronze): Destroy the naval chair.ˇPara, Sooo! (Bronze): Destroy the armored car.ˇSantuario, sanctuary! (Bronze): Look for a safe place to hide and re -enter the animus.Amen (silver): discover the sanctuary in the Basilica of San Pedro.Fixing things (bronze): complete sequence 3 of DNA.Serial killer (bronze): make an execution streak of 10 murders.Welcome to the Brotherhood (Bronze): Train a disciple to reach the murderous range.Demonstrate what you are (bronze): Complete 10 challenges of the guilds.Rest in peace (Silver): Complete the sequence 9 of DNA.SANGRENTO DOMINGO (SILVER): Complete DNA sequence 7.The Gold Chico (Bronze): Discover the sanctuary in Las Termas de Trajan.The plumber (silver): discover the sanctuary in the maximum sewer.Abstergo employee of the month (bronze): get each bonus at least once (only multiplayer).In the mouth of the wolf (bronze): discover the sanctuary in the catacombs of Rome.In memory (bronze): collect all feathers.I have already seen this (bronze): repeat a memory.Gladiator (bronze): discover the sanctuary in the colosseum.Battle wounds (bronze): brotherhood (bronze): recruit 3 murderers.Infernal ingenuity (bronze): destroy the machine gun.Forget about Paris (Silver): Complete Sequence 6 of DNA.Passe seven villages (bronze): make a double or triple flight (multiplayer only).Pawn against tower (bronze): burn all the towers Borgia.Perfectionist (bronze): win 3 gold medals in the animus virtual training program.Dust dust (bronze): find an artifact in the year 2012.For the hairs (bronze): put in the lead 10 seconds before the end of the session and win it (only multiplayer).Princess of another castle (silver): Complete sequence 4 of DNA.Collecting funds (silver): Complete DNA sequence 5.House reforms (bronze): renew 5 buildings in the old neighborhood.ROMINA IN RUINAS (SILVER): Complete DNA sequence 2.You have passed (bronze): win 750 points or more in a single murder (only multiplayer).You have an email (bronze): access your email in the year 2012.A team that fails (bronze): discover the sanctuary in the Lateran Palace.A model to follow (bronze): get all cooperative bonus in a session (only multiplayer).A well done work (bronze): in an open conflict, kill your goal and escape (multiplayer only).Victory for Killers (Silver): Complete DNA sequence 8.Espabiling that it is gerund (silver): kill your goal and escape from your persecutor in less than 10 seconds (multiplayer only).The Bronca Take (Bronze): Remove all Borgia Borgia standards.Complete memory (silver): achieve 100% synchronization in a sequence other than sequence 1.Completed download (silver): reach level 50 (multiplayer only).A knife in the heart (gold): get the fruit of Eden.Julio Cesar (Platino): Get all trophies.

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