Assassin’s Cheats Creed IV: Black Flag – PS4 – Cheat codes, Guides

New appearances

Altair Tunica saved a game to Assassin’s Creed

Catove a store and buy the animal’s skin

Connorten tunic saved a game to Assassin’s Creed II

Hunter suit to a store and buy the skin of a howler and white jaguar, and make the suit

Mayacolecue 16 Mayan stones and open the door hidden to tulum.

Sigilothermine clothing half of the murderer contracts



Unlockable of shout of freedom:

Altair clothes We must have information from Assassins Creed in the UPlay profile.Connor clothes We must have Assassins Creed 3 data in the UPlay profile.Ezio clothes We must have Assassins Creed 2 data in the UPlay profile.Armed to the teeth Complete 90 Abstergo Challenges.Arrr Marinero Complete 20 Abstergo Challenges.Heavenly navigation End 10 abstergo challenges.Dead men do not tell stories Complete 70 Abstergo Challenges.Deceased crew Finish the 100 abstergo challenges.Loaded to the Gunwhale Complete 50 Abstergo Challenges.Without quadrant Complete 30 Abstergo Challenges.Poseidon will Finish 60 Abstergo Challenges.Roof of the seven seas Complete 40 Abstergo Challenges.The wood trembles It ends 80 abstergo challenges.

Bronze One does not make the sequence 1 is good as the sequence lasted the sequence 2 The life of a piracy is piracy the sequence 3NeFrom the current era, mission 5 of the current era of the same time as you know in a bundle of hayˇsilencio, idiot!Kill a guard who touches a bell -shaped bell -up all the activities of a scenarioSaltumbasabre the secret door of Tulumasesino de Acesinaarponea to a whale a murderer and a hermanocomplete a hermanocomplete a hunting sequence templar.000 reaisTritónnada A total of 1 nautical mile overwhelms the attire of hunter of barking 30 barcosiete morta mortaexplaces all the sneaking pecioscarne de Cańónreclute to 500 members for your crew!Improve your GuardaChartographervisita all the scenarios of the game the soul of the machine Pyreatea 15 computers in abstergo entertainment the slope slobberry 5 aerial murders posted from a stream!It addresses a ship without peder members of your crew The SirenaresCata song to the pirate hostages distracting the enemies with “dancers” gun dance to 4 enemies in a row with multipistolasexcavador in a burd treasure a burd -trade treasure with the cause of the level 55 in multiplayerGame with a custom skills set in the Multiplayer of the Caribcomplete The Manada discovery mode in Laboratory Multiplayer and complete a game session of Game Lab in the list of public multiplayer POLYPHACTICALJUEGA in each game mode and use each skill and gun at a distance onetime in the multiplayerSilver Death of a traveler Complete the sequence 5 preparing medicines complicates the sequence 6 The Caecomplete Hammer The sequence 7a The derivative The sequence 8 A new hopeful compliance The sequence 9MI Escurridiziza Suertecompleta The sequence 10 I have bad time a long time…Complete the sequence 11 A new start the sequence 12a Rajatabla complating 100% the restrictions of all the main missions

King of the Castle captures all the strong Devil of the Caribbean defeats the 4 superbarcosts completely the jackdawbochíndesbloquea all the tavernsGold I saw it coming…Complete sequence 13Platinum ˇPremios, looting and adventures!Get the rest of the game trophies

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