Assassin’s Cheats Creed III – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Trophos The tyranny of King Washington: the infamy


Known but only an unexpected gift.


A wolf with lambs of lambsin to 25 enemies using the mantle

Men of the border consigns 100% synchronization on the border

The revenge of West Pointderrota to Benedict Arnold

All costumes

Complete the following task or objective to get the costumes:

Achilles suit: Complete all the missions of the Achilles house and its interactive conversations.Altair Tunic: Get a 100% synchronization in all the missions of history.Killer Tunic: Sequence 6 begins.Baltimore suit: Sequence 9 begins (you can buy it in stores).Boston suit: Sequence 6 begins (you can buy it in stores).Captain Kidd suit: get the 4 piece of maps, the 24 beads and solve the oak’s enigma.Charleston suit: Sequence 6 begins (you can buy it in stores).Jamestown suit: Sequence 6 begins (you can buy it in stores).Kanien’Kaka suit: get all feathers.New York suit: Sequence 9 begins (you can buy it in stores).Philadelphia suit: Sequence 9 begins (you can buy it in stores).Prisoner suit: Sequence 9 begins.


An extraordinary man

Complete the encyclopedia of the common man

Not pending patent

Use one of Franklin’s inventions to decorate your fief

Party in the House

Recruit any craftsman and look to be established on the farm

A complete collection

See all the optional characters established in the farm

Original player

He beats Morris and Bowls in La Granja in Fanorona

Broving a home

Explore the Fort Wolcott

Kidd gloves

Discover the mysterious of Oak Island

All clear

Complete all Naval Missions Abroad del Aquila

Non -pirate entrepreneur

Complete the 12 corsair contracts


Improves Aquila

Only with invitation

You invite you to join a club

In good state

Complete all the challenges of any of the clubs

Man of the people

Release all districts in Boston or New York

Monopoly man

Send a convoy to Boston, New York and La Frontera

Head in the clouds

Find all links and synchronize animus with the cloud

Blowing in the wind

Recover all the pages of one of Ben Franklin’s almanacs


Complete the entire tracking process in the network inputs


Complete 50% of the network tracking process

Skewer the meat

Execute a double murder using the musket

Circus act

Kill 15 guards using a single shot of the sack


Hangs 5 guards using the dart with rope

Prince of thieves

Loot a convoy without killing any guard

That whatever has to happen

Block a shooting line 5 times using a human shield

Dear father

Complete this stadium

Rude awakening

I get back into the animus

Cross Cross

Complete this skyscraper

The end is close

Complete the present Abstergo

Mysterious guest

Complete sequence 1 and 2

How you like apples

Complete sequence 3

Heroes are born

Complete sequence 4

The day the Templars cried

Complete sequence 5

Tea is English thing

Complete sequence 6

The target of his eyes

Complete sequence 7

Caged wolf

Complete sequence 8

Two if it’s by sea

Complete sequence 9


No good action is without punishment

Open the temple door and learn the destiny of Desmond

Bomber hunter

After having your notoriety to the fullest, murder 10 hunters before losing it

Magna Cum Laude

Reach the killing assassin

Forest corridor

Merchand with the skins in their best condition in each store


He witnesses a predator killing his prey

Entertainment Abstergo

Reach level 20 in multiplayer mode

The end

Complete each mission of the epilogue unlocked after the credits

Hunter Killer

It reaches sequence 10 in “wofpack” in multiplayer mode

Winning team

The winner is in a team session in multiplayer mode


Improve your characters and Templar profile

The truth will come to light

Unlock one of the hacked versions of abstergo videos in search mode

Shadow expectations

Complete sequence 10

Complicated end

Complete sequence 11


The sum of the truth

Complete sequence 12


100% complete all missions with their restrictions


Platinum trophy

Get the rest of the game trophies

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