Alien cheats: isolation – ps3 – cheat codes, guides

Reference to Blade Runner

On Mission 2, after entering the Sevastopol with the Android, explore the station to find unicorn origamis in several locations.

This object is not a reference to Alien’s films, but another Ridley Scott movie, Blade Runner, where he appears symbolizing a dream of Harrison Ford character.

Identification sheets

This is the location of the 50 identification sheets, necessary for one of the trophies/achievements of the game.

Each sheet has its own name, which facilitates knowing which one can miss you. They will be automatically stored when finding them, so it is not necessary to return to their place if you die shortly after. Use the missions selector to go to the ones you need.

Do you have problems with the space station complex? Here you have an Alien Guide: Isolation.

ALIEN: ISOLATION You have unlocked all Alien trophies: isolation


A try Complete the game without dying.

Pudent or prudence? Complete the game without killing humans.

Survivor Complete the game in the highest difficulty.


Side yourself. Runs. Survive. Complete the fifth mission without killing the alien.

Sevostopol’s voices Get 100 file records.

Captive Get all identification plates.

Ripley. End of stream. Complete the game on any difficulty.

It’s my turn Kill an android using only the maintenance tool.


The hook Complete the tenth mission.

Is in the ducts… Use the ventilation system 20 times.

I admire his purity Detects 30 objectives with the movement sensor.

back! Make the alien back using the flamethrower.

Stunned T demad a human or stun an android with a blunt attack.

Wake up Complete the first mission.

How do you feel? Complete the fifth mission.Go with an eye Go for reactor maintenance without dying.

SEGON SAFETY PIRATEO Piratea 10 times.

Systems expert Segson Complete 10 miniguegos.

Power games Access to 10 different reprogramming systems

Alien cocktail Repel the alien using a molotov.

A true engineer Manufactures all possible objects.

Not a scratch It escapes the attack of an android without receiving damage.

Witnesses of the disaster Get a file record.

In self defense Kill ten humans.

I shouldn’t be there Complete the fourth mission.

Each bullet counts Use the revolver.

Detected failure Kill an android.

Use cautiously… Use the shotgun.

100 times are few Dies at the hands of alien 100 times.

Out of reach Contact your companions and escape communications without attacking a single android.

The switch Complete the fourteenth mission.

ˇTo Ardan! Use the flamethrower.

The message Complete the fifteenth mission.

For files Get 10 registrations of the nostromo

Hunt begins Complete the third mission.

In the trap Complete the sixth mission.

It is not the first Deactivate the beacon.

The missing Get an identification plate.

Transmission Complete the sixteenth mission.

A milestone Complete the seventh mission.

Welcome to Sevastopol Complete the second mission.

Shock treatment Use the electric bull.

Libera the Torrens Complete the seventeenth mission.

Consultation Complete the thirteenth mission.

The end of hunting Complete the eighteenth mission.

A synthetic solution Complete the twelfth mission.

Let’s see if it works Use the magnetic weapon.

Risk containment Complete the eleventh mission.

A perfect organism Find yourself with the Alien in Sevastopol for the first time.

Manufactures and survives Manufactures an object.

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