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Secret Heroes

There are four secret heroes that we can create in the game. In the barracks, choose a soldier, then the customize option, and change its name to one of these to get the hero. These heroes have large statistics.

Note: Use the trick deactivates win the trophies.

Joe Kelly (heavy): Joe Kelly introduces as a name.Ken Levine (sniper): introduces Ken Levine as a name.Otto Zander (Assault): introduces Otto Zander as a name.Sid Meier (support): introduces Sid Meier as a name.

Xcom’s Steam Achievements: Enemy Unknown

Achievement |Description
And so everything begins… Complete the tutorial mission.
The wonders that await us Complete a research project.
Combat ready Build an article.
We few, happy few Complete a mission without losing any soldier.
View from heaven Throw a satellite.
The turns change Brink a UFO.
On going Build an installation.
War prisoner
Your wishes are orders Attend an application for the Council.
The vigilant
The X marks the place
… and practice Build a workshop.
Theory… Build a laboratory.
Welcome committee Kill 150 aliens.
The toughest path Make one of your soldiers reach the colonel range.
Out of my planet
Surgical precision Get a note from \
Something more than a man Manufactures enhanced armor.
Now all together It offers satellite coverage to all countries of a continent.
Until the last penny Win 1.000 credits in a month.
Look everything, know everything
Ride lightning
After the veil
Drums of the depths Access the lowest level of your base.
And hell comes with me
Wash all hands… Complete all autopsies in the same game.
Bayo horse Kill 500 aliens.
I give him 5 seconds Build a visp.
bum Bum! Kill 50 aliens with explosive weapons.
On giant shoulders
The volunteer
Savior of Humanity The game ends in any difficulty.
New friend
One sap after another Gives the 80 engineers engineering department.
A weight less than Prevents a squad member from suffocating.
Oppenheimer Provide your research laboratories of 80 scientists.
Who needs limbs? Improve a soldier.
THE FLIGHT OF THE VALQUIAS Win a mission with a platoon formed only by women. Only a player’s games.
An alien touch Modify a soldier.
Bait in the hook
Angel of Death Kill an alien while you fly. Only a player’s games.
Long here, zombies Eradica the plague.
Elite defense Complete a new special mission without losing any assets.
The bigger they are
Rompescudos Destroy the shield of an enemy and kill him in the same turn.
Good morning Kill an enemy elite sniper with one of your snipers.
Not pass Eliminates all alien waves.
Steel martyr Displays three tactical subsystems in the same soldier.
Denied apotheosis Take care of the new global threat.
All on deck Get at least 4 dejected with Base Safety Personnel.
Let’s see if you regenerate this Kill an enemy elite doctor with explosive damage.
Good prospects Complete flood.
Hunter Killer T demad down an alien ship of each type in the same game.
The fury are ours Complete Furias.
Somewhere in the world Make sure the position of the new threat.
Special team Complete all projects of the foundry in the same game.
The enemy at home Make 5 modifications to a soldier.
Be careful with the stairs Jump two floors with only one movement.
A real can Make an enemy commit suicide.
Mixing squad Displays a completely improved squad and wins the mission.
Look for one of your size Kill a Berserker muton in melee combat.
Nice coverage Use collateral damage to burst a car.
Remington… Max Remington Make your special operations soldier to three enemies on the same mission.
Xavier Mentally control an ethereal. Only a player’s games.
Edison Complete all research projects in a single game.
Anger control Activates combat frenzy throughout the platoon (minimum. 4 units).
New dragon
Know people and mátala Win a multiplayer game.
Mutatis mutandis Displays 1 squad with at least 2 modifications per member (minimum. 4 units) and win the mission.
Delicate work Complete a very difficult abduction mission in five shifts or less with a classic/impossible level.
The Earth first The game ends at the classic difficulty level.
Bubonic Play a multiplayer game against someone who has this achievement.
All aboard
Mental mines field Kill an enemy while attacking you psionically.
Tingling sensation Kill an invisible enemy detected by a modified soldier.
Shooting Stars Brink 40 UFO.
No return The game ends in the iron man mode at classical or impossible difficulty level.
lonely wolf Clears the place of falling a UFO with a soldier at the level of classic or impossible difficulty.
Machine rebellion Deploy a platoon formed by improved soldiers and visp (minimum. 4 units) and win the mission.
Guardian of the Earth Designates a very awarded soldier as a volunteer.
Combination of powers Displays 4 improved soldiers, each with a different base skill and wins the mission.
Our best time The game ends at the impossible difficulty level.
Cavalry does not arrive here Make the same soldier survives on each mission throughout a game.
Army of four Complete the game without buying an improvement of squad sizes (classic or impossible difficulty).
A cosmopolitan type Win the game from each of the five possible initial places.

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