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Customize a soldier and change his name for one of the following to unlock the corresponding character. Attention : Disable get achievements.

Sid Meier (PSI Operating Magnus): Sid MeierPeter van Horan (Assault Build Ranger Colonel): Peter van Horan


You must edit files, so make a copy before touching anything to avoid problems.

Use a text editor to modify the indicated file, for example “Program Files (X86) SteamsteamAppscomMonxCom 2xcomgameconfig”.

Parameter file
Increase battalion Defaultgamedata.Ini MaxSoldiersonmison
Low enemies health Default Gamedata Character Stats.Ini CharacterSestats [stat_hp]
Magnetic magnetic rifle Defaultgamedata_weapondata.Ini Assortrifle_magnetic_basedamage
Radio de la Granada Defaultgamedata_weapondata.Ini Fragrenade_radius
Clothing and beard DefaultNamelist.Ini Newsoldier_hatchance
Movement while dragging DefaultGamecore.Ini Carry_unit_mobility_adjust
Better Shadowstrike Defaultgamedata_soldierskills.Ini Shadowstrike_crit
Best Conceal Defaultgamedata_soldierskills.Ini Stealth_Chards
Specialist in shotguns Defaultclassdata.Ini ALLOWEDWEAPONS = (slottype = einvslot_primaryweapon, weapontype = “rifle”)
Equipment Heavy Weapons DefaultGamecore.Ini Free_kill_bsc
Less enemies in Misiones DefaultMissions.Ini MaxSPawncount

Xcom 2 Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
First blood Complete the tactical tutorial.
Cazarrumores Complete a rumor of resistance.
Perfect move Complete a successful ambush.
Loaded and ready Improves a weapon.
The rise of resistance Establish contact with a region.
Come back with me Kill a sectoid that is mentally controlling a company.
Mercilessly Use the cranial connector with an Advent officer.
A horrible truth
Total sinister Causes an enemy to die from the explosion of a vehicle.
Rebel radio
Room for improvement Improves an installation.
A sinister key
A breath Kill a viper who is strangling a company.
Resistance heroes Complete a retaliation mission with no more than 3 deaths of civilians.
Better, harder, strong and fast Apply a SCP improvement to a soldier.
Scrap dealer Build an experimental article in the testing field.
Cybernetic king Win a second level piracy reward.
Below with her Sabote an alien installation.
Have a good trip Causes an enemy to die from a fall.
Now I am death Kill 3 enemies in a single shift, with a single soldier and without explosives.
A fallen god
King of Mechanics Piratea and takes control of a sectors.
One after another Kill 500 aliens (it can be in several games).
A dark door
Metal meat Kill a sectors in the same turn you find it.
It was not me Kill an enemy with a pirateted turret.
A better human being
A transfer line
David and Goliat Kill a berserker in melee combat.
The Aveiled Earth Defeat aliens at any level of difficulty.
Final resistance
Shen’s legacy Build an installation in each Avenger room.
Axis axis, screw screw Defeat a robotic enemy with a spark unit.
Vipers winner Kill the Dominator Víbora.
Make it explodes Kill a ruinous enemy CEM prepared before it self -destructs.
A new alliance Complete the mission “Lost and abandoned”.
Berserkers sweep Kill the dominator Berserker.
We don’t abandon anyone Rescue a soldier to have captured the chosen.
As dad used to do Build a spark unit.
Arcany annihilator Kill the Arconte Dominator.
Excálibur It completely improves a lightning weapon with superior weapon improvements.
The sun never gets Build a radio repeater on each continent.
Pass the witness Exceeds the Mission Torres Lost.
A forbidden experiment
Matarreyes Kill all the dominating aliens in a single game.
A silenced rival Permanently defeat a elected.
LETAL Arsenal Buy all maximum level hunter weapons.
Shadow Sells products worth 1000 supplies in the black market (it can be in several items).
A show Equips a spark unit with weapons and armor of the highest level.
100% operational resistance Get XCOM to have a high influence with all factions in a single game.
Just in time Evacuates a soldier whose bleeding timer is still underway.
Global resistance Get all continent bonuses available in a single campaign.
Always shooting It is successful three shots in a single shift with a Spark unit after wearing its overload ability.
Darkness in the dark Get four casualties in shade mode and in a single mission with a reaper.
Two thing Forms a level 3 link between two soldiers.
Adopted enemy Use the armor skill of a dominator against a dominating alien.
Our new masters Ascends to a spark unit to the champion range.
I can’t stop fighting Perform three attack actions against the same goal and in the same turn with a guerrilla.
Regicide Kill a dominating alien the first time you find him.
Matter dominates mind Defeat an avatar with a spark unit.
Humanity defender Defeat aliens in commander difficulty.
Brutal collection Use the cranial connector with each type of different Advent soldier (it can be in several games).
There is a future in the past Complete a campaign for a player with tactical legacy content.
On the last A SPARK unit survives a mission that will start with less than half of health.
Zombie shooting Get 15 shots at the head against the lost in a single shift.
THE CIRCLE OF THE PSI Upload the concentration of a top temple, gastala it and raise it all in a single mission.
Now I command Use the dominators’ armor skills in a single mission.
Immortal Commander Defeat aliens in difficulty legend.
Robotic resurgence Complete a mission with three spark units or more in the platoon.
Tired but happy Complete a mission with all tired soldiers and without suffering.
I will not waste my shot Kill a dominating alien when trying to escape.
Heavyweight Kill an enemy with each heavy weapon of the game (it can be in several games).
The fate of the beginner Complete a mission from June using only recruits.
Dominated Complete a mission in commander or higher difficulty using only soldiers of the same class.
Valhalla The game ends in the difficult or superior difficulty in the iron man mode.
Who needs Tygan? Complete the final mission using only conventional equipment.
Few and proud The game ends in the commander or superior difficulty without buying an improvement in squad.
The Untouchables The game ends in commander or superior difficulty without losing a soldier.
The most dangerous game Win a multiplayer game.
Magnificent time The game ends in the difficult or superior difficulty before July 1 (July 15 for War of the Chosen).
A new déjŕ vu Complete the Legacy Operation “Ecos of the past” with a gold medal.
Bug fisherman Complete the Legacy Operation “arrived from the sea” with a gold medal.
100% operational combat station Complete the Legacy Operation “Avenger Reconstruction” with a gold medal.
They’re all here Complete the Legacy Operation “The Lazarus project” with a gold medal.
Campaña microcosm Complete a random operation.
Honorary Level Design Complete a mission of skirmish.
Play for points Complete a local challenge.

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