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The indicated movements are based on the following fighters:

American Dragon: Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryanbackbreaker Specialist: Roderick Strongbucking Trends: The Young Buckscharisma Personified: Jeff Hardygold Standard: Shelton Benjaminjackson: Ezekial Jacksonjomo: John Morrisonolympic Hero: Kurt Anglepanam , Rattle & Roll: Road Doggthe Ace of Japan:Hiroshi Tanahashithe Dude: Trent Barretathe Monster: Brodus Claythe Shoot Fighter: Katsuyori Shibatathe Suplex Machine: Tazzwwe Legend 1: Eddie Guerrero

The following movements correspond to the following DLC fighters “New Moves Pack”


630 Senton: Prince Pumalabama Slam Facebuster: Bull Nakanoarmbar / Leglock Combo: Kyle O’Reillyavalanche Rampaige: Paigebang A Rang: Dalton Castleblack Magic: Low Kibuzzsaw Kick: Tajiricorner Springboard Enzuigiri: Nikki Bellacradle RossFace Chickenwing: Stardust/Cody Rhodesdeadlift German Suplex: Nevillediving Corkscrew Moonsault: Johnny Mundo Or Tetsuyo Naitodragon Sleep r.Inverted Alabama Slam: Cody Rhodes or Hardcore Hollyleaping Mushroom Stomp: Trevor Leeprawn Hold: Zack Sabre Jr.Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver: Pentagon JR.RAPID FIRE CURB STOMPS: KYLE O’REILYREGAL CUTTER: William Regalshouten: Hirooki Gotosidewinder Suplex: Kevin Owens/Steensit-Out Last Ride PowerBomb: Kota ibushisit-out pendulum Facebuster: John Cena!Springboard Swanton: Without Carastrong Style Stomp: Shinsuke Nakamura -Shouten: Hirooki Gotoertical Supplex PowerBomb: Trevor Lee Or Kenta Kobashi

By teams

Back Suplex/leg drop combo: War Machinebuckle Bomb/enzuigiri combo: The Young Buckssuperkick/Piledriver Combo: The Young Buckstag Buckle Bomble Bomb/Rope Grip High Kick Combo: The Young Bucks

OMG moments

Suicidal Tornado DDT: Will Ferrara

Fighting styles

The indicated fighting styles are based on the corresponding fighters.

Aerialist 1: Evan Bourne/Matt Sydalaerialist 2: Rob van Ladyaerialist 3: Jeff Hardyaerialist 4: Sonjay Duttbrawler 1: Johnny Gargarebrawler 2: Dana Brookebrawler 3: Terry Funkbrawler 4: J.T.G. (Cryme Tyme) Giant 1: The Great Khaligiant 2: King Kong Bundygiant 3: Andre The Giantgiant 4: TenseipowerHouse 1: Scott SteinerPowerHouse 2: GoldbergpowerHouse 3: and WilliamsShowbat 3: M.V.P. (MONTEL VOLTAVIOUS PORTER) SHOWBOAT 4: SCOTTY 2 HOTTYSTRIKER 1: YOSHI TATSU/NAOFUMI YAMAMAMOSTRIKER 2: Shinsuke Nakamurartiker 3: Kassius Ohno/Chris Herostiker 4: Mike Tysontechnician 1: Konnantechnician 2: Colt Cobana/Scotty Goldmanch Nician 3: AJ Stylestechnician 4: TrentBarretta

WWE 2K16 Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
Knight in the ring Push the rival against the strings in a chain fight to escape cleanly (a player).
ˇ This fight does not end! Complete a larger investment.
My path begins here My career – Complete the tutorial.
The beginning of a rivalry My career – become Tyler Breeze’s rival.
For their actions you will know them WWE Universe – Change a dominant personality feature of a superstar/diva in a fight.
ˇ That is strong! Hits an opponent with an object or do that crosses a table (a player).
ˇMy mine! Destroy the commentators table with your opponent, using an OMG moment! (Exhibition/a player)
Unknown veteran Win 10 times with a custom superstar.
Welcome to the main roster My career – gets you ascending to Raw.
A NXT champion is born My career – wins the NXT Championship.
I’m going! My career – performs 10 interferences or more during tickets or half combat.
Phenom vs. Scorpion WWE Universe – Win a fight in Wrestlemania between Undertaker and Sting. (A player)
Adjustment attitude WWE Universe – Maximizes a personality feature of a superstar or diva fighting in a fight.
Destined for greatness Wwe universe – accumulates effects of states impulse and streak up to 10, by game or simulation.
Playing dirty Win a fight through a dirty pin.
Giant Spear Execute a Big E Spear.
Enough! Enough! Make a rival with a submission that is not auction or personal movement. (A player)
This is my patio Create a show that uses a personalized sand and an imported logo as a show logo.
Enter like a champion See an input scene that uses a personalized title.
Austin 3:16 2K Showcase – Complete the scenario “Austin 3:16”. (A player)
Showcase teacher 2K Showcase – Complete all extra fighting. (A player)
Stone Cold Said So 2K Showcase – Unlock and see all video repetitions and images of the gallery.
I control my destiny My career – Make your main personality trait.
WWE’s face WWE Universe – Create Major Shows from Monday to Saturday and assign the same superstar to each.
The WWE future WWE Universe – Canjea the Money in the Bank briefcase in Wrestlemania and wins the title.
ˇFor the strings you go! Eliminates 12 rivals in the same Royal Rumble with the same Superstar. (A player)
Matchmaker Win in 20 combat variations. (A player)
Dressing rat Complete a fight with 50 different superstars/divas. (A player)
Suplex City With Lesnar, make a “German Suplex 4” or “Back Suplex 2” 10 times in a fight. (A player)
Tragic commentators Destroys 2 commentators tables in one fight.
Feed me more Use the rapid modification function in a group of movements.
Promise Get the “promise” classification.
Tonight is the night Win the main 2k tonight event.
The wrestling legacy 2K Showcase – Complete all objectives.
ˇWe have a new champion! My career – WWE Championship wins.
Big Four My career – participates in Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, Summerslam and Survivor Series.
Untouchable My career – achieves a global value of 95 or more.
Hall of Famer My career – manages to enter the Hall of Fame.
An IC champion is born My career – the intercontinental Championship wins.
A US champion is born My career – wins United States Championship.
A TAG champion is born My career – Wins the Championship Tag.
I’m the best! My career – Buy all possible techniques.
Competent manager My career – Buy all possible manager.
All achievements Win all achievements.
Master of the Universe WWE Universe – Play and win 50 fighting.
The Celtic Warrior WWE Universe – Make a superstar completely recover from a critical injury.
leave me alone! WWE Universe – inflicts a state of critical injury to a rival in a fight.
Lightning reflexes Invest a curb stomp with the RKO air shot.
Outstanding Get the “outstanding” classification online.
WWE Live Star Get the “Superstar” classification.
Teamwork is fun Win a Team Up fight.
Don’s Trust Anybody 2K Showcase – Complete all special goals.
I am a god of struggle My career – Buy all possible skills.

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