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Reference to e.T. of Atari 2600

In the game there is a “Easter egg”, a reference to the famous legend of the cartridges of E.T. For Atari 2600 buried in the desert again Mexico.

To the northwest of the Ranger Citadel, in the Arizona desert, there are 100 different units of cartridges per desert, with a total of 50.000 cartridges.


Videoguía to overcome Wasteland 2.

Southwestern folklore ability

Enter 61290 in the text while talking with Solveig Sefors.

Reference to the cartridges of E.T.

Travel northwest of Ranger Citadel in Arizona to find a lot of game cartridges. There are a total of 50.000 in packs of 100 units buried in the desert. It is a guide to the buried games of E.T. by Atari, an urban legend that was confirmed as real.

Wasteland 2 Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
Better to leave them buried Find the hidden driver of extraterrestrial cartridges
West of Eden
What is this button for?
Justice of the Yerm Be a witness of how Angela kills Samuel Haas
Know your roots
Paz about Raíles Get peace between Athisons and Topekans
Red wire, blue cable Deactivate the nuclear pump
A kind heart Save Tinker binh
Pop idol Find the end poster
Loaded and prepared Apply 20 weapons modifications
delicious! Gives 20 candies to night terror
Under the old administration Returns to the mayor of Rodia under his charge
Updated car Put the Robinsons in power in Angel Oracle
Ezequiel 18:20 Interferes in an execution of the militia of God
Sinister legacy
Goat Simulator Get 3 goats to follow the team at the same time
What does this button do?
Wasteland Justice Witness Angela Kill Samuel Haas
Know Your Roots
Better Left Buried Find the Hidden Cache of Extraterrestrial Cartridges
Fire with fire Send the nuclear pump to the MA
Son of a goat without a mother Dress up 3 rangers with a hat, jacket and friend pants
By the hair Survive an encounter with only 1 team member standing
Back where it all started
Peace On The Rails Make Peace Between The Atchisons and Topekans
West of Eden
Hug the glow Send the nuclear bomb to the insane monks
Often rude Help MR. Manners to end Tori Robbinson’s plot
Sweets, sweet liquors Scotchmo has stolen 5 bottles of snake liquor
Muu, I say 5 cows tomb
Wire Network, Blue Wire DISARM THE NUKE
Under Old Management Restore Rodia’s Mayor To Office
Sweet, Sweet Squeezins Scotchmo Steals 5 Bottles of Snake Squeezins From You
Locked and Loaded Apply 20 Weapon Mods
A night to remember Contract an STD
Fateful meeting
Hell bent by leather Help Chris Vaan Graras JR. to become mayor of Rodia
Divine remuneration Help Revision Jones to take over Hollywood
Carriage Find all world map stores
Relics of a past era Find all the sanctuaries of the game
Palizón Repair 10 locks or safes using mechanical repair
You pressed the button
How Rude Help Mr. Manners Eliminate Tori Robbinson’s Plot
Pop idol Find the end’s poster
Ezekiel 18:20 Intervene in a God’s militia execution
Persona non grata Get the Ranger Delta team to chase you
Religious persecution Kill all the leaders of God’s militia
Saints and sinners Get peace between Hollywood and the bastion
Too much time in your hands Cava all the holes in Redondo Beach
I’m legend
Thief cat The gold nail of Kekkahbah’s fortress steals without being detected
The call of the wild Use animal charming to enchant 20 animals
Yerm historian Read every entrance of the lore of the game
General and Knight
Night to remember Get an std
To Gentle Heart Save Binh from Tinker
Sinners and Saints Make Peace Between Hollywood and the Bastion
Blast from the past Learn Combat Shooting
Skin ‘or yer teeth Survive Fuat Encounter with Only 1 Party Member Standing
Back where it All Began
To General and A Gentleman
They walk between us Make a member of your team become a pod man
Explosion of the past Learn to shoot in combat
Don’t make the monkey Complete the game with a ranger dressed in a gorilla costume
Tasty! Give The Night Terror 20 Pieces Of Candy
Embrace The Glow Send The Nuke To The Mad Monks
Fight Fire With Fire Send The Nuke To The DBM
Self updated Put the robinsons in power in angel oracle
Call of the Wild Use animal whisperer to charm 20 animals
Goat Simulator Get 3 Goats Following The Party At Once
They are of Motherless Goat Outfit 3 rangers in the friends hat, jacket, and pants
Sinister Legacy
Persona non grata Get Ranger Team Delta Sent After You
They walk among us Have a party member turn into a pod person
Fateful Meeting
HELL BENT FOR LEATHER Help Chris van Graras Jr. Become Mayor of Rodia
Divine remuneration Help Remote Jones Take Over Hollywood
Religious persecution Kill All of The God’s Militia Leadership
TOO MANY TIME ON YER HANDS Dig Up All The Holes At Redondo Beach
I am legend
Burglar cat Steal The Golden Spike From Kekkahbah’s Fortress Without Being detected
Not Monkeying Around Complete The Game With A Ranger Dressed in a Gorilla Costume
SCAVENGER Find All of The World Map Caches
Moo, I say Tip 5 cows
Relics of A Bygone Age Find All hidden shines in the game
Wasteland history Read Every Lore Entry in The Game
ElBow Grease Repair 10 locks or safes using mechanical repair

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