Venetic cheats – PC – Cheat codes, Guides


Open the “Keybinds file.Ini “in the installation folder and at the end the following:

Kc_f1 = Player: set (_n (“health”), “1000”) kc_f2 = player: set (_n (“mana”), “1000”) kc_f3 = player: set (_n (“Deathenergy”), “1000”) Cf_f4 = Player: set (_n (“money”), “1000000”) kc_f5 = player: set (_n (“learningpoints”), “1000”) kc_f6 = player: set (_n (“attributepoints”), “1000”)

Save the file and already click on the following cheat codes to have the desired effect.

F1: 1000 of healthf2: 1000 of manáf3: 1000 of energyf4: 1.000.000 OROF5: 1000 Learning Points F6: 1000 attributes points

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