Vampire cheats: The Masquerade – Bloodlines – PC – Cheat codes, Guides

Several cheats

To introduce the cheats you have to start the game with the console activated. To do this, you must select the direct access of the game, click on the right mouse button and select the Properties option. In the destination line you must add the text –Console 1. Once in the game he opens the console by pressing the ş key and introduces the following cheats.

God: Invulnerability Impulse 101: All weapons, ammunition and clothing giftxp x: obtain x experience points (replace x with a figure) Blood x: obtain x Sangrenoclip Points 1: cross walls (0 to deactivate) Notarget 1: Invisibility (0To deactivate) vchar_edit_histories 1: Allows you to give a past to your charactervstats get animalism 5: animalismvstats get Celerity 5: speedvstats get dementation 5: alienationvstats get domain 5: dominationvstats get foritude 5: fortressvstats get dexterity 5: dexterity Stats Get Intelligence5: Intelligencevstats Get Obfuscate 5: OPSCATIONVSTATS GET POTENCE 5: POWERVATS GET INDENCE 5: PRESENCEVSTATS GET THAUMATURY 5: TAUMATURGIAVSTATS GET WITS 5: POWDERS AND SKILLS TO MAXIMOBLOOD 500: Get blood for more powerful attacks

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