Dead Rising 2 Steam Achievements: Off the Record

Achievement |Description
First experience You kill 69 zombies. Easy joke.
Zombreado You took a dose of zombrex. Think what you want, but this works.
Photography School You took a photo of 1.000 pp. ˇDirect to first page!
Medalist You achieved a medal in a challenge. Below puts
Vomitive skating You slipped a zombie in a vomit puddle. Class maneuver.
Great picture You took a photo of a PP sticker. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Photoperiodist You won more than 10.000 pp per photographs. ˇFrank West has returned!
Full camera You filled the camera with 30 photos. You could be war correspondent, do you know?
Memories You took a picture of your company. It will bring you good memories.
Photomaton You took a picture of a psychopath. In the photo you see how crazy you are.
Renewal You defeated the Psychopath Chuck. The poor did not know when to stop…
Repairs You visited 10 different maintenance rooms. This city must be fixed.
World novelty You made one of the new combo weapons. And now, ˇa use it!
LETTER COLLECTION You gathered 20 combo letters. Great variety of lethal instruments at your disposal.
Save the girl… again You saved Rebecca de TK. Who knows what I could have done?
Elite murderer Mataste 1.337 Zombies. You know when the one hundred years began. ˇCan the game before!
Save the girl You ripped Rebecca from the claws of the twins. You go for fairy tale prince…
Save her… again Saved Rebecca de Sergeant Boykin. She never covered wars, you know.
Technological terror You destroyed a queens harvester. What has science done for us?
Vivid colors You defeated Stacey. That restless look… You should have known before.
We have a winner You played a fair game and you won. Between zombie and zombi, you have to have fun.
Friends forever you used
Ducts without zombies You unlock the secret shortcut. What are those grilles for?
let the light be made You returned the electricity supply to Yucatan Casino. ˇThe slots await you!
Dominoes You knocked 100 zombies with flying kick. ˇ How to see them fall!
Real colleagues You defeated five psychopaths in cooperative mode. Violence narrows the ties of friendship.
Team player You avoided a riot in the shelter. Do you have not realized that there is an epidemic of zombies?
Combination of suitcase Mataste 12.345 Zombies. The typical combination for the suitcase of a clumsy.
ˇSeis figures?! Mataste 100.000 Zombies. The blood of the undead gives you strength.
Tigres tamer You made snowflake attacked and did a psychopath. They will not easily forget.
Challenging Get at least bronze medal in 10 different challenges of a player.
With a friend? You got at least bronze medal in 10 different cooperative challenges.
The challenge You got at least the bronze medal in all the challenges for 1 player. Now for gold.
A true friend? You got at least bronze in all cooperative challenges. ˇA Birra for your colleague!
Hegemony You got gold medal in all challenges for a player. Maybe not all are 100% gold?
Even more help? You got the gold medal in all cooperative challenges. ˇ Victorias Double!
Prestigious pp You won more than 2.000 pp for killing zombies at once. Your twisted ingenuity has no limits.
Card files You gathered 50 combo letters. A collection authentically to die (or to kill, rather).
The hands of death You unlock all skills. Real men do not use weapons.
Security failure You killed 10 zombies at the same time with the attractions of the attraction park.
Can sardines You put eight survivors in a clown car. ˇFor outside did not seem so big!
Party Party You got a survivor. The party never ends.
Frank West: transvestite You dressed completely with women’s clothes. What am I to judge?
Strict Hindu You were vegetarian and abstemious until the army arrived. To celebrate it with a fillet and a birra.
Alfa against Omega You made Denyce attack the SGTO. Boykin. Why are you doing that to the poor?
Adult material You took an erotic photo of 1.000 pp. If your mother knew…
Mixed messages You took a photo with elements of horror, brutality, false shots and eroticism
Pure emotion You took a dramatic photo of a 1 survivor.000 pp. It reaches the heart.
Photo album Take photos of 25 pp stickers.
Prize photo You took photos of 75 pp stickers. A picture is worth a thousand words and you have written a novel.

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