Tropic Cheats 5 – PC – Cheat codes, Guides


Press and keep the right uppercase keyboard tight, then enter one of these codes to obtain its effect:

IFOUNDTHEPLANS – Unlock all missionsmeepmeep – instantaneous constructionUSSCOTCH – (-20) Relationship with usesquared – (-20) Relationship with USSSpinNyspinny – Tornadodryspell – Flood

Tropic 5 Steam Achievements 5

Achievement |Description
A great inheritance Recognize a new heir
Road and blanket Build more than 2000 meters of roads in a single game
A perpetual colony Stay as colonial governor for 100 months
A new sunrise
ˇA the mine! Extract 100,000 minerals and coal in a single game
The dictator’s ABC Finish all tutorials
Very entertaining Enter $ 50,000 annually for leisure buildings
A crazy crowd Get more than 500 citizens in a single game
The city of Cityville Build 150 buildings in a single game
Manufactured in Tropic Exports 100,000 luxury items
Shockproof Survive a military coup
They eat cake Survive a revolt
Sorting for good Bribes to a faction leader
Mirror Mirror Change the appearance of a member of the dynasty
Revolution Manager Assigns managers to more than 15 buildings in a single game
Agricultural community It has more than 20 agricultural facilities in a single game.
History will absolve me Survives a rebel attack against the palace
Bureaucrat Approves 20 decrees in a single game
United States of Tropic A item ends with 100 relationships with EE. UU.
Mortal cause Execute a rebel leader
Day 0
The great tycoon Create 10 different industrial buildings in a single game
A good base Build 5 military bases in a single game
… The important thing is to participate Approve the decree “Organize the Olympics”
Back to the past
Sport spirit A multiplayer game ends
Globalist Welcomes 5 foreign powers in your embassies at the same time
All complete Receive vague, family, cultural, ecological and wealthy tourists at the same time on the island
A very popular deception Get all happiness values above 50
ˇLeon must die!
Naughty ports Connect one port with that of another player
Sheep by wood Create a fleet of 12 merchant ships
Pension plan Win more than 200,000 $$ in Switzerland account
Overcumerified Get a member of your dynasty to reach level 5
Solid defense Create 20 surveillance towers in a single game
ˇThanks for all fish! Have a fleet of 3 drag fishing
The seventh heaven Reaches general happiness of 77
Retrophuturism It arrives at the modern era before 1960
Fundamental principles Amendment the Constitution 6 times in a single game
The black pearl Complete “Treasury Hunting”
The seven of the President Have 7 members of the dynasty
The King of Pearls Have 3 oyster hatcheries and a jewelry workshop
Bay of Pigs Survives an EE invasion. UU.
Claustrophilia Win a tropical paradise game on a tiny island
Supreme Architect Win a multiplayer game building
ˇPor science! Investigate all technologies at least once before 2005 in a single game
Live an interesting time Win a tropical paradise game with incessant disasters
ˇNo pulses! Shoot missiles from a nuclear submarine during a battle against another player
Marine occupation Have 1 of each aquatic building on a single tour
Foreign shelter Have 5 superpowers in foreign offices
Tropicoleaks Reveals the secrets of 2 different superpowers in the same game
From tropics with love Have 13 loyal spies at the same time
Kill all humans Eliminates 20 undesirable citizens with drones
Beale project Win a multiplayer game by points
ˇ impressing currency! Win a multiplayer game with money
Energy crisis? Produces and shares 1000 MW of power with another player
Aquatic world Have 10 floating apartments and no residential building on land (excluded shacks)
The Maltese Tucán Complete mission 1
Antiutopia Have the Ministry of Information, the dungeon and 10 security controls
Big Brother Have 5 police airs
Friends with benefits Have relations greater than 90 with all the features of the modern era
China’s letter Complete 5 commercial routes with China in a single game
ˇSurf in tropics! Complete the aquatic campaign
Herbivorous Defeat the Captain Plant in the final battle
My treasure The aquatic campaign with the black pearl ends in your possession
President 007 Complete the field espionage
The silent front Complete a multiplayer sabotage action
Atráme to a spy Occupy of 10 foreign spies in the same game
The Hotel de las Rejas Have 20 prisoners in dungeons and maximum security prisons

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