Tropic cheats 3 – PC – Cheat codes, guides

Cheat codes

Cheat codes Effect
whiskey Get +20 in relations with the United States.
vodka Get +20 in relations with Russia.
Nowhiskey Get -20 in relations with the United States.
Novodka Get -20 in relations with Russia.
Much Ańade 100.000 dollars.
Speddy Gonzalez Instant construction.
The devil chicken Instant victory.
Dinggratz Improves workers’ experience, instantaneous graduation.
Iamthestate Without prerequisites for edicts.
Pachangasi Happiness rises.
Two Headed calls UP THE TOURISM TO 100.
Vivala1 Activate murder attempt.
Vivala3 Active Bomb Threat.
Vivala2 Activate the hostage crisis.
Vivala5 Activate media occupation.
General Activates the coup d’etat of the army.
Vivala0 Activate subversive activity.
Che Guevara Activates the rebel attack in buildings.
Down With The Tyrant Activate the rebel attack in the palace.
Civil War Activate the uprising.
Vivala4 Activate the workers’ strike.
work Unlock all missions.

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