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Main story

Guide for the main story.

Rage of Demons

Sword Coast Legends Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
cleric! Stabilize an unconscious ally.
Compulsive drinker Bébete five cure potions.
I record the room Find a secret door.
Destroyer Kill ten enemies in the most violent way possible.
A long road ahead Complete the prologue.
The story of a dead man Complete act I.
Gang’s gentleman Decides the fate of a murderous knight.
The enemy of my enemy Determine the fate of one of your greatest enemies.
Family matters Complete the mission of compańero of jarhild stone forge.
For the old times Complete the Mission of Compañero de Larezhar Gulgrin.
A burning liche Complete Hommet Shaw’s Compañero Mission.
Cautious Deactivate ten traps.
Locksmith Ten locks.
Treasure hunter Gather 10,000 gold.
Learning to crawl Complete a dungeon raid.
The infernal stone Bruyn’s Compañero Mission completes light fingers.
Darkness descent Complete act II.
A new sunrise Complete act III.
The tears of the moon Choose the fate of a Lunârco Sehanine relic.
Encouraging troops Recruit all possible companions.
For the good of the team Complete all the missions of the company.
Kid stuff Complete Mission of Ilydia Maethelyn completes.
Perverse sister Complete Compañero Mission for an Luskan Information Trade.
Nobody gets with Golgamann Complete Mission of Izhkin, the Lord of Darkness.
The youngest of two ills Solve a problem to Javen Tarmikos.
The best of your class Reaches the maximum level of a class.
Dilettante Reaches the maximum level of all classes.
Death Bringer Defeat five thousand enemies.
Convocator Summons a thousand creatures as Dungeon Master.
Domineering It has five hundred creatures like Dungeon Master.
Dukewoman of dungeons Complete ten dungeon raids.
Veteran Mazmorrero Complete fifty dungeon raids.
Behind the scenes Complete an incursion of dungeon as dungeon master.
Mass Master Complete Twenty -five Mazorra incursions as Dungeon Master.
Truly horrible Complete the story mode in difficult difficulty.
Dedication Complete the story mode with a hero of each race and class.
Breaking limits Get three characteristics greater than 20 with the same hero.
I’ll cover you Complete the campaign in cooperative.
Your history Publish a personalized campaign.

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