Starcraft II cheats: Wings of Liberty – PC – Cheat codes, Guides

Hidden dialogue of the units

Leave the left mouse button on a unit to listen to the hidden dialogue of its members.


Press Intro during the game to open a message window. Enter the following code to achieve invulnerability: Terrible terrible Damage .

Explosive creatures

Click with the left mouse button on a creature several times to explode it.

Secret Mission: Piercing The Shrouud

To unlock the secret mission, in the “Media Blitz” mission, when you take the control of Odin in the city, go down to the lower right corner of the map. There is a civil building on a floating platform. Destrule it, and you will discover some secret documents. Take it with a normal terrestrial unit and complete the mission. From there, you will have the new mission available on the star map.

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