Starcraft II cheats: Whispers of Oblivion – PC – Cheat codes, Guides


Press ENTER in the solo campaign and introduce the following codes into the console. They block the obtaining of achievements until a new campaign begins or a previous game is loaded (without the trick). They are official and therefore do not represent a suspension of the account.

-Being able to use all the technology: Sosayweall-PERMER ALL IMPROVEMENTS: IAMIRONMAN-CONTINUAR PLAYING After the defeat: Nevergiveupneversurrender-Dishabilitate the fog of the map: Tooktheredpill-dishabilitate the conditions of Victoria: Tyuhasleftthegame-Ader 5.000 credits: Whysoserious-Aguir 5.000 Gas: RealmendrilldeEp-Juadir 5.000 Mineral: Spectraltiger-Air 5.000 Terrazine: Jaynestown-Air 5.000 of each resource: WHORUNBARTROTOWN-CONSTRUCTION AND FAST IMPROVEMENT: CatfoodForprawnguns-Open all missions: Leaveyoursleep-All cinematics: Eyeofsauron-Desbloque all research options: HORADRICCUBE-F the rapid units of units: ImadoCTOR: WHATBESTINLIFE-Instant Flower: Letsjustbugeandcalliteven-Without Supply Need: Bunker55aliveinside-Sin Skills Cooling: Hanshotfirst

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