Star Wars cheats: The power of force II – PC – Cheat codes, Guides

Trick mode

Pause the game and go to the options menu. Enter the Cheats section and introduce one of the following codes to obtain the desired effect.

“Libo”: dark green laser sword.”Solari”: White laser sword.”Marek”: repulsion power.”Bring”: launch the laser sword.”Yarael”: Mental trick. “Mandalore”: Boba fett suit.”Ventress”: Dark apprentice suit.”Nomi”: Experimental Jedi armor (good apprentice).”Rahm”: General Kota suit.”AJP 400″: Jump Trooper suit.”Gunray”: Neimoidian suit.”Specforce”: rebel command suit.”Rebellscum”: Rebel Troops Costume.”Morgukai”: Sword Guardian suit.”Harper”: Scout troop suit.”Haazen”: Sith acolyte suit.”Holodroid”: Sith Droid Training Costume.”TK421″: Stormtrooper suit.”Shadow”: Trooper horror suit.

Bonus costumes

General Kota: Get a silver medal in the challenge “Deadly Path Trial”.

Sword Guardian: Get a silver medal in the challenge “Cloning Spire Trial”.

Terror Trooper: Get a silver medal in the “Terror Trial” challenge.


To be able to see a new introductory video predicting the title, you will have to have a game of the original Star Wars: The Force Unleashed with the different finals.

Play as Guybrush Threepwood

On the second level we will find a hologram of Jabba The Hutt, along with a stuff of Guybrush Threepwoods in the form of a statue. Destroys the three machines that are in front of the hologram and a red holocron will appear. Recognize it and achieve in this way, Guybrush Threepwood’s suit.

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