Sim City 4 cheats for PC – Cheat codes and Codes

Sim City 4 cheats for PC

Infinite money, instant construction and rewards: all cheats, cheat codes and codes of Sim City 4 for PC so you can build your city easily and free.

With these Cheats and Sim City 4 codes For PC you can easily and without complications the city of your dreams. ˇ Don’t miss them!


Click [control] + [x] during the game to display the trick console.

Weaknesspays : 1.000 more money.

You Don’t Deserve It : All rewards.

WHERERUFROM [NAME] : Change the name of the city.

Hellomynameis [name] : Change the mayor’s name.

FPS : Show frame rate per second.

goal : Green sign on the map.

Zoneria : Hides the color of empty areas.

sizeof [number] : Increase/decrease the zoom (from 1 to 100).

Stopwatch : Pausar/Continue the clock.

Fightthepower : Buildings do not need energy.

Howdryiam : Buildings do not need water.

Whattimeizit [hour] : Change the time of day.

Terrainquery [ON/OFF] : Show coordinates.

Dollyllama : Change the directors to flames.

Tastyzots : Active Zots.

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