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In the trick menu introduces:

FLYSTRT: lower police pressure.Noballs: lower the band pressure.FATCH: Fill the ball meter.Donut: Upload Police Pressure.GOVERNMENT: UP.Kiltony: Kill Tony.AMMO: Maximum ammunition.Medak: Fill health.Black: Tony in black suit.Blash: Tony with black suit and sunglasses.Gray: Tony in gray suit.Graysh: Tony with gray suit and sunglasses.Dumper: Hawaii truck: Hawaiian shirt.Hawaiig: Hawaiian shirt with sunglasses.S13: Mission Babylon Club Reduxs12: Mission: Delivero7A: Mission: Freedom Town Redux.S09: Mission: Nacho Contreras.S10: Mission: Nacho’s Tanker.DW_FRN: Mission: Oakley Drive-In.Bummer: Generate a 4×4 bodog.Sandy: Such.Sandysh: Sun with sunglasses.Oldfast: Generate Ariel MK III.66699: Generate Bacinari.Dozer: Generate excavator.Martha: Change time of day.Shazaam: Activate storm.Rainy: Activate rain.White: White Tony.Whitest: White Tony with sunglasses.

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