Saints Row IV Cheats – PC – Cheat codes, Guides


Pause the game, see extras and inside cheats. Give “Ańadir Truco” and introduces one of the following codes to activate the corresponding effect. If you do well, a sound will sound.

Note: Achievements and self -managed will be deactivated with cheats, although you can continue to keep manually.

All unlockable

All unlockable: UnlockitITll

Player skills

Money ($ 100,000): Cheese
Weapons: Letsrock
No damage by vehicle: Vroom
Fix current vehicle: Repair
Delete notoriety: Goody Goody
Infinite career: Runfast
Disable Warden Spawns: Nowardens
Warden notoriety instantaneous: Instantwarden
Activate blast: Superblast
Activate buff: Superbuff
Activate Death from Above: Superdfa
Activate Stomp: Superstomp
Activate Telekinesis: Superk
Deactivate supermovimientos: Nosupermove
Deactivate super powers: Nosuperpowers

Game world cheats

ASCII mode: ASCII Cabezones mode: Bigheademode Disable effects: Noglitchcity Malved cars: Evilca Rewind mode: Fastforward Sky mode (corpses float in the air): Fryhole Crazy City: Insanecity Pets: Mascot Prostitutes: Ho Ho Ho Car crushing: Isquishyou

Silverlink (should be unlocked in the game before using them)

Golden weapon: Goldengun
Adults: Nototred
Slow motion: Slowmo

DLC (for privilege pack content)

All improvements: dlc_sosuper
Infinite ammo: dlc_unlimited_ammo
Infinite cartridge: dlc_unlimited_clip
Infinite Mass: dlc_car_mass
No deaths: dlc_never_die
100%overlapping force: dlc_superduper

Secret weapon and “Easter Egg”

Look for the Let’s Trend store at New Baranec (Southwest Steelport) and enters. Shoot the door with the poster “Only Employees” with any weapon until it opens. Lower the stairs and reach a secret room with shooting galleries and images of developers. If you shoot the head of these people, fireworks will come out.

Go to the bathroom where there is an inflatable woman and a special weapon, Loud Locust, in the chair. This is a very powerful little gun, do you sound like something? Yes, it is a guide to noisy crick of men in black, and even has the same bestial setback that will launch you through the air.

Steam de Saints Row IV achievements

Achievement |Description
The most Saints night
Destroyer in functions Exceeds “the wing of Saints”.
In the absence of cakes… Exceeds “a calm day”.
The first of many Buy your first improvement in the improvement store.
ˇHala! Get your first super powers.
Do not look down Remains in the air with supersalts for a total of 10 minutes of play.
Do not panic Exceeds ‘the real world’.
ˇ A candy! Find 100 data clusters.
Ghosts at all pace Download a new ally in a robotic body.
Nudism left over Overcomes ‘Matt has returned’.
Echoes of the past Exceeds ‘clones game’.
I already played! Exceeds ‘hello again’.
They have played it Exceeds ‘all at deck’.
Layer skirt Exceeds “hello, little”.
Housekeeper Exceeds ‘batteries not included’.
Emperor Exceeds ‘grand finale’.
Politician actor Do everything you can by the vice president: missions, loyalty missions…, all.
Easy peasy Kill Zinyak in less than 5 minutes in ‘To save the planet’.
Extreme shock therapy Improves a weapon to the maximum.
Go a machine Do everything you can by Cid: missions and… all.
What a torque of Shaundis Do everything you can by Shaundi: missions, loyalty missions…, all.
On the way home Exceeds the entire open world game of two districts of the simulated city of Steelport.
Secret SaintService Do everything you can by asha: missions, loyalty missions…, all.
How saintsible that are Exceeds “grand finale” and all colleague missions.
Indomitable Complete ‘Know the Domatrix’ without dying.
How should it be It exceeds the entire game in the open world throughout the simulated city of Steelport.
Paranormal partner Do everything you can by Matt: missions, loyalty missions…, all.
Chill out Kill 100 aliens with freezing and destruction of the superpower icy discharge.
You chose… evil
Friend of the Raptors Complete the five missions.
I rule here! Kill Domatrix in ‘Flee de la Domatrix’.
Kinzie in full Do everything you can by Kinzie: missions, loyalty missions…, all.
Benjamin [censored] King Do everything you can by Ben: missions, loyalty missions…, all.
THE SAINTS SEMBLANT Do everything you can by Pierce: Missions, Missions of Loyalty…, all.
Sainted Create and share an online character.
ˇ That te *bip *, clawz!
And then I ran… Make a supersprint for 250,000 meters.
Old rebound friends
Better like that Customize the style of all the weapons of the radial.
Elementary Choose a new element for all your super powers.
Colleague, where is my cape? Buy all super powers improvements.
… A Saint get a weapon Touch all city bells in ‘Miracle in 3rd Street’.
Batter change Play at least 2 hours as a male character and 2 hours as feminine.
ˇ Mento -colored! It crosses the caramel cane barricade to lametones in ‘fight before Christmas’.
The story of my life Find all audio records.
Double team Play in the cooperative mode of Saints Row IV for 5 hours.
Bumper Kill 100 aliens with superpoder Improvement ignea.
A real mess… Find 100% of data clusters.
Our gift for you
here! ˇPíllalo! Kill 100 aliens with superpoder telekinesis.
Zoo-penco Kill 25 Guardians.
Start again He spends 2 hours out of missions with former Saints Row characters as colleagues.
The jump Jump from the roof of 3 count to the nuclear power plant without touching the ground or other roofs.
Dear Santa Claus Find all letters to Santa Claus in the missions of the parties.
The Sints twins Exceeds ten mission in company in cooperative.
Genki Christmas Complete all instances of ‘Genki parties’.
Experimental technology 25 With: Dubstepator, Inflaray, rebounds, disintegrator, kidnapping and singularity.
Check the list twice Complete all instances of ‘good and bad’.
Puir, this is soil Kill 100 aliens with overpower death from heaven.
THE KING OF CHALLENGES Exceeds all challenges.
Neither four nor forty Spend more than 40 hours in simulation.
Sanitary inspector Destroy all the green polyps inside Paul in ‘sap to the morrań’.
ˇ Oveurrence Association! Exceeds all missions and loyalty missions in cooperative mode.
Amajada career Destroy all rival ponies in ‘in the races’.
A world without Christmas
Walking to dinosaur
Hello Little Friend Get 250 deaths with the minicańón.
Take that child to the psychologist Find all snow -men’s vineyards in the North Pole.
Follow in the list of bad girls
To give it all Kill 150 aliens with stomping superpower.
I am death Kill 1 000 aliens with any combination of super powers.
Gift distributor Get 100 deaths with the launcher.
The meat, very made Get 100 deaths with flamethrowers.

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