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In the main menu he sees options and there Password.

STJAVDMX ‘1000 Days War’ Title

KRPYHZNB ‘God’ Title

Fzamuhwb ‘Myth’ Title

Steam de Saint Seiya Achievements: Soldiers’ Soul

Achievement |Description
First test You have completed your first challenge.
ˇThe Cosmos Awakening! You have achieved a range S for the first time. (Anyway)
ˇ I will continue fighting until someone stops me! You have completed the chapter of the Sanctuary of the Legend of the Cosmos.
The knowledge of a gentleman You have started the tutorial.
Protect Asgard’s beauty You have completed Asgard chapter of the cosmos legend.
ˇHas lost, posidon! You have completed the chapter of Poseidon of the Legend of the Cosmos.
ˇ This is love, Hades! You have completed the Hades chapter of the cosmos legend.
ˇI willpe all tests! You have completed 50% of the challenges of the cosmos legend.
ˇEnemigos del Norte! The legendary warrior gods You have unlocked all warrior gods.
ˇ108 Malignant Hell Stars! The specters You have unlocked all spectra.
ˇA Buy the Graude Foundation! You have acquired a total of 100,000 CP.
ˇ This is the final cosmos! You have hit with a total of 30 Big Bang attacks.
Rebirth of golden souls ˇAll the Golden Divine Armor Knights have been unlocked!
First step to be a gentleman You have completed the bronze survival class.
ˇH-he cattle! You have made 50 cosmic ko.
ˇSigues being green!
ˇReunion of gods! A new holy war You have unlocked Poseidon, Thanatos, Hypnos, Athena and Hades.
You deserve to be called Caballero You have completed the Silver Survival class.
ˇPuńo A Mach 1! You have completed the bronze cup of the galactic war.
ˇPuńo A Mach 5! You have completed the Galactic War Silver Cup.
ˇThe Knight who defeated the speed of light! You have completed the Galactic War Gold Cup.
The son of the chosen knight You have achieved 100% of the possible ranges of the legend of the cosmos.
ˇThe Heroes of the Sanctuary! Silver Knights You have unlocked all silver knights.
ˇThe culmen of the 88 constellations! The Golden Knights You have unlocked all the Golden Knights.
ˇGuardianes of the underwater temple! The seven marine generals You have unlocked all marine generals.
Athena’s blood containers ˇ All the Golden Bronze Armage Knights have been unlocked!
The first among the gentlemen You have completed the gold survival class.
Door to a new legend You have completed the legendary survival class.
Combat worthy of the gods You have completed the Divine Cup of Galactic War.
ˇ Power of power! You have obtained 80% of the titles.
ˇThe world will be mine!
To those who should face me…
My dear friends…
Towards a world of light… You have completed 100% the chapters of the cosmos legend.
ˇ Eternaljuventud! Bronze Knights You have unlocked all bronze knights.
A cosmos superior to that of a god You have completed the divine survival class.
Proud legendary gentleman You have completed the legendary galactic war cup.
I have seen all your attacks! You have obtained 100% of the Big Bang attacks videos.
ˇ All for friendship! You have obtained 50% of the support phrases.
True friendship test You have exhausted the spaces of the support phrases.
Your appearance will give you the victory
I can take you in tow, my lady!
Now you will be my wife
ˇWash I die again!
ˇ come back to the world of the dead!
I have no ear for music
Final soldier soul You have achieved all the trophies.
Is this… A big bang? You have completed the Big Bang survival class.
The complete story of the holy wars You have completed the collection.
I hear their voices… ˇOigo how they encourage me! You have obtained 100% of the support phrases.

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