Rome cheats: Total War – PC – Cheat codes, Guides

Several cheats

Press ~ to access the trick console:

Bestbuy : 10% discount on units growing.Gamestop : 10% discount on units creation.Oliphaunt : Elephants 40% larger.Capture_settlement <City name> : Capture that city.Date <year> : Change date.Season <Summer/Winter> : Change stationCREATE_UNIT <City/character> <Identifier> <amount> <Exp/armor/weapon> : Create unit.Jericho : The walls fall into the sieges.Force_Diplomacy <Accept/decline/off> : Make an opponent accept a diplomatic resolution.ADD_Money 20000 : Obtain 20.000.Add_population <city> <number> : Increase the population of a city.Auto_win <Attacker/Defender> : The indicated side automatically wins.Process_CQ <City name> : Finish all ordered constructions.Process_RC <City name> : Complete all units in recruitment.invulnerable_general <character> : General Invincible.Kill_character <character> : Kill that character.toggy_fow : Activate the battle fog.

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