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Console codes

“Minsky” writes quickly to unlock the console. Once unlocked, access it and introduce the following codes.

Code Effect
Give * Get a specific object.
Give All Get all items up to 100 times.
God God mode.
Teach * # TEACH up a skill * up to level #.
Teach All Take all skills.

Risen Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
Beginner First monster killed
Philanthropist “Rescue Sara de la Selva” completed
Adventurous First output of the ruins found
Map reader First game map found
Laborer 10 grain plants collected
Samaritan “Healing for all” completed
La Paz Guardian “Peace and order” completed
Fence “A package for the gift” completed
Prince “Mistratora of Women” completed
Excluded “Fight for Power” completed
Detective teacher
The merciful “The sick wife of the farmer” completed
Sage “Master Ignatius test” completed
Family man H “the children of Tilda” completed
The death of a legend
Archaeologist “The mystery of the East Temple” completed
Little hero “Where is Patty?” filled
Freedom fighter
Il vaso di pandora
Rune Master “The fourth seal of Runic Magic” completed
Ghostbusters “Find all vassal rings” completed
The traveler
Lord of the Titans
The brave tailor Seven funeral moths killed
Fierce wild boars 20 wild boars
The terror of chickens 20 chickens killed
Beast murderer 500 monsters killed
Big hunter hunter 2000 monsters killed
OGROS FRIEND Rescued the ogro drug
Insatiable worker 250 complete missions
Expert Reached 100% of an attribute
Workaholic Learned all professions
Magician Obtained all the crystals
Gladiator Learned all melee combat talents
Precise shooter Learned all combat talents with projectiles
Classes Reached 100 % of three attributes
Fervent swimmer Trapped 10 times for the tides’ worm
The trillion fourth 10 treasures found
Moron Three deaths from falls
Jester Used 25 joke spells
Locking teacher 100 open locks
Gunsmith 100 forged weapons
Ladrón Master 50 stolen pockets
Wealthy 1000 gold coins obtained
Ricachón 100,000 gold coins obtained
King Midas 300,000 gold coins obtained
Goalkeeper “The mystery of the East Temple” completed
King of Los Manitas 20 tool bags in inventory

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