Need for Speed Prostoret cheats – PC – Cheat codes, Guides


Go to the menu code section and introduce:

1MA9X99: 2.000 dollars.1MI9K7E1: 10.000 dollars.Reggame: 10.000 dollars.W2iollo1: 4.000 dollars.Safetynet: 5 repairs.L1is97a1: 8.000 dollars.Castrol Syntec: Vinilo Castrol Syntec.Leipzig: Disable the unlocking trick.WorldSlGestlasting: Dodge Viper Srt10.Cashmoney: 10.000 dollars.ITSABOUTYOU: Audi Tt 3.8 four in career mode.Energizer Lithium: Extra vinyl.Horsepower: Chevelle SS in career mode.ZEROZEROZERO: Coke Zero Golf GTI in career mode.Mitsubishigofar: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in Carrera Mode.Unlockallthings: All maps, cars and level 4 parts.

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