NBA TRUCKS 2K11 – PC – Cheat codes, Guides

Trick mode

Go to the game’s trick menu and introduce one of these codes to achieve the desired effect.Play as Michael Jordan Novato in creating a legend: introduces “Icanbe23”.2K Sports Team: Enter “2ksports”.2K Sports China Team: introduces “2kchina”.NBA 2K Development Team: Enter “NBA2K”.”Visual Concepts” team: introduces “Vcteam”.ABA ball: introduces “payrespect” to unlock the ball.Bobcats Nascar Uniform: introduces “Agsntrccai”.Cavfanatic Cavaliers Uniform: introduces “AifnaatcCV”.Hardwood Classics Nights uniform: introduces “Wasshcics”.Hornets Mardi Gras uniform: introduces “Asrdirmga”.Secondary Road Uniform: introduces “Eydonscar”.ST uniform. Patrick‚Äôs Day: introduces “Riiasgerh”.Trailblazers uniform “Rip City”: introduce “YCPRTI”.

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