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Steam achievements

Achievements Requirements
To Different Slant Play a multiplayer naval battle with each faction.
Absolute Power Play a multiplayer land battle without losing any unity.
Broad Military Outlook Play a multiplayer land battle with each faction.
Bronze Tower of Pisa Win the Italian campaign in easy way.
Celebrated Field-Commander Win 10 Terrestrial Battles.
Daredevil Win a game with someone to double your skill score.
Defensive Strategy Win a battle using only artillery and light infantry.
Desert veteran Win the multiplayer Egyptian campaign like France.
Diplomat’s Pin Get to like all the most important nations.
Distinguished Service Medal Win a game against a player double skill score.
Calm expecto Win a game by spending half of your opponent’s resources.
Felix Austria Face Bellum! Win the European campaign as Austria.
First-Rate Bully Win a game with only first brands.
Gives to The Poor Win the campaign giving the enemy 50.000 gold.
Golden Obelisk of the Pharaohs Win Egypt’s campaign in difficult way.
Grand General Star Win silver in 5 historical battles.
Hardened Veteran’s Badge Win 15 land battles in individual campaign.
Hero of Arcole Commemorrative Medal Win the Italian campaign in difficult mode.
Historians’ College Acknowledge Badge Play a historical land battle.
Imperial Fencing Academy Master’s Needle Win 10 sword duels.
Indomitable Force Win 10 multiplayer land battles in a row.
Italian Veteran Win the Italian multiplayer campaign like France.
Jack Frost’s Chosen Win the European campaign as Russia.
Just desserts Takes to death the faction of the other player.
Making Headway Win a multiplayer naval battle.
Marksman Brooch Win 10 gun duels.
NATITIC STAR emblem Win 10 individual naval battles.
No Shore Leave Play 100 multiplayer naval battles.
PALACE GUARD PENCHONT Play the game for 30 hours in total.
Platinum Star of Glory Gold gold in all historical battles.
Prolong the inevitable It has 15 regions without letting you steal even by other players.
PRUSSIA’S GLORY Win the European campaign as Prussia.
Quadriga in Prussian Silver Win the European campaign in medium difficulty in historical time.
Rack and Ruin Hund 1000 ships.
Restorator Win the Italian multiplayer campaign as Prussia,
RECOLUTIONY COCARDE Any campaign, battle or historical battle begins.
Rule Britannia Win the European campaign like England.
Russian Doll On Green Ribbon Win the European campaign in easy way.
Seasoned Captain Win 10 decisive victories.
Shield of the Protector Get 10 protectorates at the same time.
Swashbuckler Addresses 5 ships in the same battle.
Take up office Play a multiplayer campaign.
The Blitz The capital of the other player steals in 20 shifts.
The Bronze Armchair of Comfort Win any campaign only with self -resolution.
The Bronze Date Win Egypt’s campaign in easy way..
The emblem of the enllhtened society He wins a prestigious victory.
The Explorers’ Society Badge Covers 50.000 miles of sea or land with your fleets and armed.
The Eye of The Ever Watchful General Play the game 50 hours in total.
The Hand-And-Dagger On Black Chain Killer 15 people.
The Hero’s Skull Badge 100.000 soldiers die in busts, allies or enemies.
The Imperial Crown On Brocade Band Win the European campaign in difficult mode.
The Imperial Laurels Win the European campaign in multiplayer like France.
The Imperial School of Strategy Crest Get three generals with the highest level of skill in a single campaign.
The Imperial Wreath Conquest Europe.
The Lion and Sabers Medal Win any campaign without self -resolution.
The Lion and The Mouse Win a game without a ship online.
The Man of the Bosporus is Still Healthy Egypt the Campaña like the Ottomans.
The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath Declare war on all nations in the first turn, you never give up peace, and win the game.
The Merhant’s Navy Medal of Gratitude Win 8.000 per trade in commerce.
The People’s Crown Get 100% approval.
The Quick and The Deadly Win a game without using infantry.
The Ribbon of The Promising Strategyist Capture 10 regions.
The Seal of the Grand Coalition Get 6 allies simultaneously.
The Silver Dromedary Legionnaire Win the Egyptian campaign in historical time in medium difficulty.
The Silver Olive Chaplet Win the Italian campaign in medium difficulty in historical time.
The Tireless Watchman Brooch Play the game for 10 hours in total.
Unquestible Loyalty Win 50 Multiplayer Land Catallas.
Wind on Your Back Win 6 multiplayer naval battles in a row.

Napoleon Steam Achievements: Total War

Achievement |Description
Revolutionary climbing Any campaign, battle or historical battle begins
Promising strategist gallon Conquest 10 regions
Tireless vigilante brooch Play a total of 10 hours
Conqueror medal Capture a region in the peninsular campaign
Seal of the Great Coalition Achieve 6 simultaneous allies
Tanned veteran badge Win 15 Terrestrial Battles Campań 1j
Bronze Pisa Tower Win Campaba from Italy in easy
Merchant Marine Gratitude Medal Win 8.000 per shift in commercial income
Duke of Ciudad Rodrigo Win the peninsular campaign as a spanish.
Insignia Colegio Historians Libra a historical land battle
Bronze dates Egypt’s Campaña wins in easy
Hero Skull Badge 100.000 soldiers dead in battles with you, friends and enemies
Diplomatic badge Green all the great nations (very friendly)
Badge Society of Explorers Tour 80.000 kilometers by land or sea with your armies and fleets
Bronze armchair Win any campaign only with self -resolving
Lion medal and sabers Win any campaign without a single self -resolving
Palace guard pendant Play a total of 30 hours
Shadow hippocampus Win a naval battle MJ
Treasury galleon pendant Win ICT Solo with first ships
Golden swallow Win a game without line ships
Bronze star in red gallon Play a mj campaign
Marqués de Torres Vedras Win the peninsular campaign as Britain.
Silver Dromedary Legionnaire Egypt’s campaign wins in average in historical time
Silver Olive Crown Win a Italy campaign in historical time
Nautical star emblem Win 10 Naval Battles in Campańa 1j
Eye of the general always attentive Play a total of 50 hours
Implacable storm medal Wins a game having spent half of the funds that your rival
Seven wind pendant Win 6 naval battles MJ in a row
Officer’s achievement medal Win 10 Land Battles MJ
Distinguished Services Medal Win a land battle against a player with double skill classification than you
Spanish crown Win the peninsular campaign like France.
Secular Illustration Medallion Like France, get 50% feel in your favor in 10 of your regions
Bottle of Friendship Sangria The peninsular campaign begins in multiplayer mode.
Russian Muńca with Green Gallon Easy campaign wins in easy
Prussian silver quadriga Europe wins Europe in average in historical time
Gold Obelisk of the Pharaohs Egypt’s Campava wins in difficult
Imperial Crown with brocade band WIN CAMPA DE EUROPA in difficult
Commemorative medal to Arcole’s hero Win a Italy campaign in difficult
Crown of the town Achieve 100% approval
Protector shield Achieve 10 protectorates at the same time
Imperial Psychopath Medallion Declares war on all nations in the first turn, never signs peace and wins the game
Imperial Fencing Academy Master Needle Win 10 duels to sword
Great General Star Win silver in 5 historical battles
Marinero Medal Play an MJ naval battle with each nation
Intrepid buccanero star Win a naval battle against a player with a double skill classification that you
Naval Cross Get 10 decisive victories
Cross of Honor of the Defensor Win a battle only with artillery and light infantry
Mercenary currency Play an MJ land battle with each nation
Emblem of the Cargo Guard Regiment Win 10 MJ land battles
Horse and sack Win a game without infantry
Dorado Ray Take the capital of another player in less than 20 shifts
Commemorative medallion of giant fighters The other player’s nation is the last to die
San Martín Medal Win a campaign after giving the enemy player 50.000 gold
Duke of Victoria As Britain, make sure that all Spanish regions are released and put under Spanish control.
Hand and dagger on black chain Killer 15 people
Imperial Crown Conquest all of Europe
Imperial Strategy School Badge Achieve 3 generals at the maximum skill level in a campaign
Shorter’s brooch Win 10 pistol duels
Platinum Star of Gloria Gold gold in all historical battles
Poseidon’s gold car Play 100 multiplayer naval battles
Calavera and iron chain sabers Address 5 ships in a single battle
Badge at the service of the veteran Win 50 Land Battles MJ
Reliquary Bella Ragazza Italian Campava wins MJ as France
City cheat codes Italian Campava wins MJ as Austria
Silver Sun Egyptian MJ Campaña wins as France
Cross and Crescent Sables Egyptian MJ wins as the Ottoman Empire
Imperial laurels WIN MJ European Campaña as France
Furious Bear Star European campaign wins as Russia
Emperor’s double eagle European campaign wins as Austria
Iron Cross Quadriga European campaign wins as Prussia
Royal Navy Glorious Fleet Badge European campaign wins like England

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