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Visual Game Guide

The game guide from the clues that Machinarium hides in his track book. It is structured by the clues that the game gives in the book;Each picture has a unique assigned name;In the few situations in which visited rooms are returned, it is specified. Keep in mind that sometimes the illustrations skip steps, which must be made in another area (usually close). The links open the images of the guide.

First part (tutorial): I return to the citizen this part, the four rooms are completely independent. You must overcome:
-1.The landfill
-2.The bridge

Second part: escapes the lair you will retained by the bad guys, so the goal is now to escape. All the following areas are communicated:
-6.Lady 1
-8.Lady 2
-9. Street 1
-10. Calle 2

Third part: the music band and you will not be able to return to the previous areas. The first objective is to get the music band to play again:
-eleven.The Plaza de los Musicos (you can return to 2.The bridge)
-12.Inside the store
-13. Stairs (it is an area only by passing, for the moment)
-fifteen.Entrance to recreational

Keep in mind that since 11.The Plaza de los Musicos can go to 2.The bridge, but on the side of the city (you can collect oil, but it does not appearñEtas of that picture).

Fourth part: A for sunflower oil to continue advancing, the next objective is to get sunflower oil. We visited:
-twenty-one.Entrance to the elevator of the tower

Fifth: A for the batteries of being able to enter the tower, you have to get batteries for the guard. We must go back on our steps:
(We pass through 13.Stairs)
(We return to 14.SINAGOGA PLAZA and we get the entrance when delivering sunflower oil)
(We go through 15.Entrance to recreational)
-22.Recreational machines
(We return to 14.SINAGOGA SQUARE And we return to 21.Entrance to the elevator of the tower from 13.Stairs)

Sixth part: deactivates the bombacon free entry to the elevator, you must manage to activate the mechanism and go to the upper floor.
-26.The bomb

Outcome: With the bomb disabled, you have to save the great leader and restore normality.
(We go down for 23.Elevator)
-28. Basements
-29.The top

Machinarium Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
SURVIVOR Escapes scrap
RETURN Enter Machinarium
Breaks Liberate friends from jail
Collect Take the dog to the woman
Table game teacher Win at three in line
MUSIC LOVER Help musicians
PLUMBER Floods black hats
Videogamer Win all console games
Deactivator Deactivate the pump
SCRUBBER Repair the brain
RESCUER Berta rescue
FUGITIVE Escape from Machinarium

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