Situation of all newspapers

This video shows how to find the 55 daily of the game.

Memories situation

The four different memories that can be achieved in the game.

T-most situation

The six t-posts that can be activated in the game.

Steam Achievements of Lost Planet 3

Achievement |Description
The hand that helps you
Lost records You have found a record.
On going
To the rescue
Empty nest
Saved from miracle
Hooked You have rescued trapped scientists.
My first thermal post
Armed and dangerous You have bought your first weapon improvement.
Capuzas at home You have bought your first Mecca improvement.
Clay pigeon shooting
But what…?
Short circuit
Protect and serve
Storm hunter
The king is dead
At full load
Living legend
Fallen hero
Heart and blood
Complete campaign You have finished the game in any difficulty.
Constant reader You have found 50% of the records.
History lesson You have found a memory.
We have not forgotten you You have found all memories.
First identification You have identified a Tarka Albina.
PLANTER MASTER You have planted all posts.
Extreme conditions You have finished the game in “Difficult”.
Master Hunter You have identified all Albinas Tarkas.
Lost objects You have discovered the fate of the lost contractor.
The house through the window You have bought all weapons and Mecca improvements.
Genetic You have unlocked the bestiary completely.
Cataloging teacher You have found all records.
Murderous instinct You have completed Kovac’s tests.
you’re the winner! You have won a multiplayer game.
The vice of winning You have won 25 multiplayer games.
You’re the best… of the best You have won on all scenarios.
Like the first time Granted for your first death by stealth in a multiplayer game.
Mortal package You have delivered the E-TERM container 2 times during a multiplayer game on the “advanced” stage.
Enough of players You have killed 20 Mántiks in Multiplayer in Akrid survival in research laboratory.
Leader of the pack You have delivered the E-TERM container 3 times during a multiplayer game on the stage “Refugio Alfa”.
Burned ground You have destroyed the installation of the satellite.
Guerrero cat You have achieved a death raised in the war cat.
Rehearsal You have delivered the E-Term container to win a multiplayer game on the “Quarantine” stage.
big Bang You have unlocked a sphere cell.
Sfera a moment You have unlocked 30 cells of the sphere.
Complete sphere You have unlocked all the cells in the sphere.

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