Bilbo Bolsón J4337V

Easterling R7XKDH

Elrond A9FB4Q

Gamling AVJII1

Nazgul White Lyqu1f

Steam de Lego achievements The Lord of the Rings

Achievement |Description
The strength of men failed Complete ‘prologue’
It is a dangerous matter… Complete ‘The Black Rider’
It does not carry a sweet Complete ‘The top of the winds’
that! Where are we going? Form the ring community
The long road Complete ‘The Paso de Caradhras’
It is not a mine… It is a grave Complete ‘Las Mines de Moria’
ˇWe go hunting orcs! Complete ‘Amon Hen’
For the treasure… Complete ‘Gollum domestication’
I’m glad to be with you Complete a cooperative mode
Light and agile as shadows Complete ‘La Ciénaga de los Muertos’
And safe I will keep them Complete ‘tracking hobbits’
Stinky creatures… Complete ‘Huargos attack’
The battle is just going to start Complete ‘Abyss of Helm’
A magician should be sensible Complete ‘Osgiliath’
Naughty mosquita… Complete ‘the secret stairs’
We succeed, Lord Frodo Complete ‘Cirith Ungol’
They have been summoned Complete ‘the paths of the dead’
You and the army of whom? Complete ‘The battle of Pelennor’
ˇ This day we will fight! Complete ‘The Black Door’
ˇYa is not! Complete ‘The Mount of Destiny’
ˇ ESO Count as one! Expires a smell with Legolas
ˇ be counted as mine! He beats one of Gimli’s adversaries with Legolas in the ‘Abyss of Helm’
It is a rare gift It reaches the top of Amon Hen without Boromir will hold you once (just one player)
One not… Walk in mordor
it will not be so easy! During the ‘prologue’ level, it jumps within the fires of Mount of Destiny with Isildur
And the second breakfast? Complete 2 cooking puzzles
The return of the king of the fungus Equipa Aragorn with the fungus crown
The Lord of the Ring Complete the bonus level
An elf prince Expires 42 Uruk-Hai with Legolas
Don’t tell the elf Gimli lays 30 times
A link to the elements Fabric ice and fire arches (only one player)
Of all curious hobbits Unlock all the map stones in the Middle -earth (only one player)
We cannot take ourselves Complete ‘Las Mines de Moria’ in less than 15 minutes
Bring the hobbits to Isengard Travel to Isengard with each of the hobbits
An early trip Travel to the Trolls with Bilbo forest
We just want to catch a fish Fishing perfectly 20 times when you press the icon when flashing
… And he went far, treasure Buy Gollum with Gollum
I was always higher! Use the Brefing of the EMS on Pippin
Ok better the region You saw a character completely with treasure objects
I told you that it was an arter Collect all red bricks (only one player)
I’m ready for another adventure Get authentic adventurer at all levels (only one player)
THE DANCE OF THE DEAD Turn an enemy into a skeleton and make it dance
There is goodness in this world Complete all missions in Middle -earth (only one player)
A round trip Get 100% (only one player)
Here’s a beautiful thing Fabric all Mithril objects (only one player)
Not with ten thousand men… Unlock all the characters (only one player)
My treasure… Collect all mithril bricks (only one player)
They excavated too greed Collect more than pieces (only one player)

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