Lego Marvel Super Heroes Cheats – PC – Cheat codes, Guides


Go to Deadpool’s room to the left of the lobby. Enter the following codes on the first computer computer to unlock the indicated.



Black Catp9owl0 (the last is a zero)

Captain America (classic) 7hwu4l

Carnageaa0z50 (the two are zeros)

Howard The Duckj58RSS


Iron Man (Mark 17 “Heart Breaker”) 2ngsrz

Iron Man (Mark 38 “Hulkbuster”) CK7SDS

Iron Patriotq5x1J5

ModeKSZ8Q06 (it’s a zero)

Pumpkin Chopper 35e41W

Shield Staff Card5B7O3 (it’s a letter O)

Spider Bikesh9mzq

Spider-Man (Future Foundation) WFOZXQ



Wolverine (With Hood “Cowl”) OAW2LB

X2 Red BrickuzfBG4

Steam de Lego Marvel Super Heroes Achievements

Achievement |Description
Central Sand Station Complete level 1 – Central Sand Station
Falling down? with style Complete your first parachute jump from helitransporte
this is fantastic! The first time you transform MR. Fantastic in a teapot
Times Square on Guard Complete Level 2 – Times Square on Guard
Exploratory Laboratory Complete level 3 – Exploratory Laboratory
Key shudder Complete level 4 – key shiver
You can’t hurt me Give yourself with Wolverine
Restarted and clothing Complete level 5 – restarted and dress
Red head arrest Complete level 6 – Red head arrest
A glacial welcome Complete level 7 – a glacial welcome
Juggernaut in Raya Complete Level 8 – Juggernaut in Raya
There is a doctor Complete level 9 – There is a doctor
A bad feeling Complete level 10 – a bad feeling
Take liberties Complete level 11 – Take liberties
Euphoric climb Complete level 12 – euphoric rise
Magnetic personality Complete level 13 – magnetic personality
Room with death views Complete level 15 – room with death views
Well, the bad and the hungry Complete level 15 – the good, the bad and the hungry
It’s time for cake! Expires 100 enemies with the thing
Welcome to level 7 Play as agent Coulson
Cosplay Create a personalized character
I don’t know you? Team with Captain America and Human Torch (in cooperative mode)
Are you lucky? Black cat unlocks (a player)
Truth? Gather Howard the Duck (a player)
Traffic laugh Destroy 100 vehicles in the center of Manhattan
Party after credits Complete party protocol
I am Iron Man Collect all the armor of Iron Man (a player)
I am always angry! TRANSFORM IN HULK 50 TIMES
Avengers gathered Collect all the avenging characters in the game (a player)
The sensation of the people Create a character named ” Trevor ” in customizing characters
Stan-tástico Rescue Stan Lee from all dangers (a player)
Multimillornary philanthropist Collect pieces (a player)
The six incidents Gather Dr. Octopus, a sand man, mystery, Kraven the hunter, electro and vulture (a player)
To me, my patrol x Collect all traditionally heroic mutants (a player)
Brotherhood Collect all traditionally evil mutants (a player)
time for me! Read a comic in the massacre room in the helitransporte
Guardians of the Galaxy Unlock all the guardians of the galaxy
Threat of Magneto Drives to the Baxter building with Magneto in the Magnetomóvil
Authentic maximum hero Unlock all authentic heroes (a player)
Authentic Zoo Unlock all animals based on (a player)
Special fast ball Make a launch movement with colossus on Wolverine
ˇGanas no prize! Complete the game 100% (a player)
Weakest Hulk’s special movement on Loki
Alter ego Make all large Lego figures transformations

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