Left 4 Dead 2 cheats for PC – survives zombies!

Left 4 Dead 2 cheats for PC

God mode, infinite ammunition, weapons and many more things. These are all Left 4 Dead 2 cheats for PC, a classic that continues to hook fans.

With these cheats of LEFT 4 DEAD 2 You can easily get advantages such as God mode, infinite ammunition and many more things.

Left For Dead 2 cheats

Previous steps:

  • In the main menu, select options and then: Keyboard/Mouse
  • Active: “Allow Developers Console” to use the console in the game.
  • During the game, press the ş/~ key (according to your keyboard, Spanish or American)
  • Enter any of the following commands and press Enter.

Trick list:

  • God: God mode.
  • tongue_range [#]: (default 750) Establishes the maximum distance of the tongue attack of the smoker.
  • z_pounce_damage [x]: amount of damage you want to make to survivors.
  • z_witch_burn_time: Sets the time that the witch takes to die when it is burned
  • Z_Health: Altera the life of zombies.
  • z_speed: Altera the speed of zombies.
  • Buddha 1: Like the God mode but you receive damage
  • KILL/ EXPECD: self -eliminate
  • Director_No_human_zombies [1/0]: Activate/disable control over infected bosses on any map.
  • Director_panic_Forever [1/0]: Activate/deactivate panic attacks.
  • Director_Force_panic: Strength a panic event.
  • Give Ammo: Amory recharge.
  • Give pistol : It gives you a gun.
  • Give Molotov: You get Molotov cocktails.
  • drives 101 : Recharge the ammunition for the main weapon.
  • Give Autoshotgun: You get an automatic shotgun.
  • Give First_aid_kit: You get a first aid kit.
  • Give Health: Health to the fullest.
  • GIVE GISCAN: Generates a gasoline drum.
  • Give Hunting_RIFLE: It gives you a hunting rifle.
  • Give Oxygen Tank: You get an oxygen tank.
  • Give Pain_pills: You get pain pills.
  • Give Pipe_Bomb: It gives you a pipebomb (homemade bomb).
  • Give Rifle: You get the rifle mk 47.
  • Give Propnetk: You get a propane tank.
  • Z_SPAWN WEAPON_SMG: It gives you an SMG.
  • Give vomitjar: You get a bile bomb
  • Give Chainsaw: You get a chainsaw
  • sb_openfire or Open_Fire: makes the bots not stop shooting.
  • Director_No_Mobs [1/0]: Activate/deactivate zombies avalanches.
  • Thirdperson: You can put the game camera in the third person
  • First Person: You can return to the camera in 1 person
  • thirdperson_mayamode: 3ek camera on shoulder.
  • Thirdpershoulder: Set the camera on the shoulders in 3ş person.
  • z_common_limit: Establish a zombies limit.
  • Z_TANK_HEALTH [#]: Sets the health amount of the tank.
  • z_frustration_lifetime [#]: Set in seconds time until a player loses control of the tank.
  • SB_FRIENDLYFIRE [1/0]: Active/deactivate the damage by fire friend caused by the AI.
  • Director_Stop: Deactivates the generation of: wanderers, mobs, chiefs and special zombies.
  • Z_SPAWN MOB : A horde of zombies appears.
  • Z_SPAWN BOOMER: Makes a boomer
  • Z_SPAWN HUNTER: Makes a hunter
  • Z_SPAWN Smoker: Makes a smoker
  • z_spawn tank: Makes a tank
  • Noclip: Eliminate collisions with the stage, allow you to move freely.
  • z_witch_alow_change_victim [1/0]: Activate/disable the possibility that the witch changes target when it is alert.
  • sv_infinite_ammo 1: Infinite ammo.
  • Ent_remove: Eliminate all bots out of the game.
  • z_witch_damage [#]: Set the amount of damage that makes a witch.
  • Fire: Generates a Molotov fire just below you.
  • boom: Detona a pipebomb (homemade bomb) just below you.

LEFT 4 Steam Achievements 4 Dead 2

Achievement |Description
Preventive attack Kill a Spitter before I can spit.
It is no horse Kill a jockey in less than 2 seconds after he has jumped on a survivor.
Ambulant Armería Place an ammunition improvement and let your equipment use it.
The complete collection Kill one of each type of characteristic infected.
Sale and ups and downs Survive the muer campaign.
The Colossus in Babas Lanzale a tank a bottle of bile.
Sticking the problems Kill 100 normal infected with the chainsaw.
The torch bearer Survives the death campaign.
Burning Fire on 50 normal infected with incendiary bullets.
Concert for them Survive the sinister fair campaign.
They have lost their heads Beheaded 200 infected with a member.
Enduring the chaparrón The flood survives the flood.
Sputate Congress As Spitter, it impacts all survivors with the same acid puddle.
Closely is more fun Use all types of gun to kill normal infected.
A very distant bridge The parish survives to the campaign.
Cajún to the rescue Survive the campaign swamp.
Expert rider Like Jockey, it rides the same survivor more than 12 seconds.
Survivors’ tamer Like Jockey, it rides two survivors in the same life.
Supreme Sacrifice Complete “the sacrifice”.
KILL ME SLOWLY Put the new song of the Midnight Riders in a Gramola.
MEAT TENDERIZER As a charger, grabs a survivor and crush him against the ground for 15 seconds without pauses.
Death between the waters Kill 10 mudges without getting out of the water.
The acid rider Like jockey, riding a survivor and driving it to the acid puddle of a Spitter.
Ardelín’s flutist With a molotov, it burns a clown who takes at least 10 normal infected.
Robazombis Collect 10 Boomer vomiting bottles of the CEDA to whom you have killed.
TUMB RAIDER Collect 10 objects that a fallen survivor has released.
OVERWHELMING Survives the field of turbulent waters in any difficulty.
Good swing The head is 18 infected with the golf stick.
Lonely gnome If you are reading this achievement, Gabe Newell has successfully launched the Chompski gnome to space.
Ech me a hand, friend Like Spitter, it spits a survivor who is drowning a smoker.
Kill Bill Bill sacrifices to save the team.
STASH Open 5 ticket offices.
Gift collection 2011 ? L4D2 Collect three gifts that fall from special infected in a confrontation mode.
Stop doing the clown Top the noses to 10 clowns.
LET’S GO BY PARTS Kill 15 infected with a single shot of Lanzagranadas.
Christmas ghost Help someone who has obtained the game for free during the parties to survive a campaign.
BE ORIGINAL Kill a tank inflicting her only with the original survivors.
Long distance transport Like charger, grabs a survivor and take it with you 25 meters.
Not without my dwarf Rescue Gnomo Chompski from the Fair.
Destruction with discretion Move for the parking lot and get to the cemetery shelter without shooting any alarm.
Mustachafador Shows that you are faster than Moustachio.
Tankburger Kill a tank with melee weapons.
Zombie ram As Charger, he pushes the whole rival team with the same load.
Respect the duel Move for the sugar and get to the shelter without killing any witch.
Bell and it’s over It shows that you are stronger than Moustachio.
Elephant in the room Relive an incapacitated company while a tank is close.
Electrical personality RESANIMA 10 Survivors with the defibrillator.
Closing the tap Prevents the rival team from collecting any can of gasoline during a search game.
Charger Kill a charger with a melee weapon while cargo against someone.
Hunting game Win a search game.
Barrel of fire Kill a special infected with an explosive barrel.
Easy trigger With the M60, it kills 25 infected without releasing the trigger.
They like gasoline Collect 15 cans of gasoline in the same search game.
Confederate bruises A campaign ends using only melee weapons.
Electrifier Keep the 3 generators worked at the same time.
TRANSFER Play a confrontation game in the field last flight from the beginning to the end.
Bridge on truculent hordes In the climax of the bridge, it crosses in less than 3 minutes.
OIL CRISIS Make a survivor release a can of gasoline during extension.
Date Vidilla RESANIMA 10 Survivors incapacitated under the accelerating influence of adrenaline.
I’m still standing Survives the campaign “the final battle” in any difficulty.
Mutant chieftain Play 6 mutations.
AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER Defends the demolished plane and yourself without suffering damage.
CLAY PIGEON SHOOTING Kill a hunter who is jumping with a shotgun.
It’s art, no debris Destroy the rock of a tank in the air.
Nick el Majo Play a game with free weekend players and help them to survive the campaign.
OIL TYCOON Collect 100 cans of gasoline in search.
Without spending a bullet In a survival game, get a medal using only melee weapons.
FIRST STEPS Win a bronze medal on any official survival map.
Very fast With a sharp member weapon, cut the tongue of a smoker before you catch you.
Let’s get serious Survive a campaign at the expert level in realistic mode.
With gasoline it is not played Forces survivors to drop 25 cans of gasoline playing as a special infected.
I still have something to demonstrate Survives all the beds in expert.
Ninja Gordo As boomer, vomits on a survivor without having a direct vision with him.
Search port Play 5 complete games in search mode in the port.
ON THE WAY Win a silver medal on any official survival map.
UNION MAKE FORCE Forms a team and defeat your rivals in confrontation or search of 4 against 4.
Sacrisuplegicio As a special infected, it incapacitates someone who is trying to sacrifice.
Acid bath Like Spitter, it spits a survivor who is caught by a hunter.
Don’t go, heart In a confrontation, leave the shelter to revive a dead colleague with the defibrillator.
RetIntabodas Like Charger, grab a survivor and stllish it against 8 chairs at the wedding.
NEW HAIRCUT Kill a witch only with a sharp member weapon without anyone being incapacitated or died.
Fun begins here Win a gold medal on any official survival map.
I curse your dead As Spitter, it spits a survivor who is caught by a charger.
FLIGHT DECK As Charger, he instantly kills a survivor.
Secret room Discover the hidden room in the campaign “The final battle”.
THREE IS A CROWD Rescue three survivors from a single rescue closet.
FIRST POSITION It escapes the liberty shopping center before the first tank appears.
Maximum zombicide 2: episode 2 Kill 53 599 infected. ˇ You have assured that the dead are not raised again!
The main attraction In the grand final of the concert, survives until the helicopter arrives without abandoning the stage.
Pure wonder Like Hunter, he inflicts 25 damage with the jump.
You can burst to the bride Kill the bride Witch with a single shotgun shot in expert difficulty.
Golden Freeman Find the golden levers hidden in the survival maps of Left 4 Dead 1.
Survival expert Survive 30 minutes on any official survival map.
THE LAST EFFORT Complete the campaign “the final battle” in 13 minutes or less without any survivor died.
The last border Survives the campaign “The final battle” in Realistic Expert.
SPITS FIRE As Spitter, destroy 20 gasoline cans.
Pure satisfaction Kill 20 joccheat codes with the shovel or fork.
A little Hack and Slash Win a bronze medal on each official survival map.
The big ten It survives 10 minutes on any official survival map in confrontation.
Like lambs to the slaughterhouse Win a silver medal on each official survival map.
Wave of murders Win a gold medal on each official survival map.

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