Audio tapes (insula dracon)

Audio tapes in the Dracon Insula region.

Easter eggs

Just Cause 3 is full of Easter eggs, pee to other games or jokes without much sense. Here you will find its location.


Hand mortar Find the location of all tombs.

Fast trip Find all the locations of rebel temples.

Noir mode Find all old pieces.

Complete Rico’s new adventure with this video guide.

Vehicle location

Explore Just Cause 3 becomes easier with vehicles. Motorcycles, cars, aquatic vehicles, helicopters and airplanes.

Acrobatic jumps

Location of all acrobatic jumps, necessary to obtain an achievement.

Gear challenge

The gears can be found in the following locations with the corresponding challenges.

Audio tapes (Insula Fonte)

Tapes in the Insula Fonte region.

Steam’s achievements from Just cause 3

Achievement |Description
Enjoy the return home
Sowing chaos Get 1000 chaos.
Long live the revolution Free a province.
First meet Complete a meeting successful.
Started in modifications Unlock your first equipment modification and active.
Fine tunning Get at least 3 pieces in a challenge.
What a mess
My second name is chaos Get 100,000 chaos.
A long dozen Release 13 settlements.
Earth, air and sea Unlock at least one land, aerial and sea vehicle in rebel supplies.
ˇIdotas, suck that! Deactivates the Fow in Insula Fonte.
For cool, me Exceeds a player’s score in a challenge.
Jó!#& Te, missile
Well engaged Get 5 pieces in a challenge.
The power of Bavarium
Three sacred hiding places Unlock 3 alert dissipating priests by completing meetings.
Attacking finally
Hope is the last thing you lose Completely release insula Fonte.
These mines are the worst
Take the Draco Completely release insula Draco.
Errors and successes
Son of Medici
My little man bullet Anchor an enemy to a gasoline drum on. ˇAdeo, Amico!
I should buy me a ship Get the Lanzacohetes ship, also known as the “Loochador”.
Piece collector Get at least 3 pieces in a challenge of each type.
The top of the world Stand at the highest point of Medici.
Specialist in modifications Unlock all equipment modifications in a single category.
Inventory maintenance Defeat 1 drone of each type.
Rich in chaos Get 1,000 000 of chaos.
Like fish… in the air! Use the Bavarium air suit to take off from the water.
A wick with wicks Steal your first Mecha.
ˇCargate! Adheres an explosive enhanced to an enemy soldier. Then make it fly.
Heart of stone Completely releases insula striate.
ˇRompete a leg! Defeat the “friend” (final head of the mission “control”).
Birds in freedom Release 3 Prison Campos.
Very clever? Dodges 10 enemy missiles with the flip bar.
In the heart of darkness Complete the last mission of the expansion “Earth Assault Mecha” and ends the story.
ray! Defeat 1 enemy helicopter with the eden spark.
One last blow Complete the last mission of the expansion “maritime coup” and ends the story.
Master Loochador Defeat 5 enemy helicopters with the launcher launcher.
My name is Eden Complete the last mission of the “celest strength” expansion and ends the story.
Understood in the matter Get at least 1 piece in all the challenges of the expansion “celestial strength”.
tomb Raider Present your respects in each old grave.
MECH OPERATOR CERTIFICATED BY EDEN Get at least 1 piece in all the challenges of the expansion “Terrestrial Assault Mecha”.
was this one of jeans? Destroy all military resources on a base without abandoning your vehicle.
Remembering the fallen Light a candle on each rebel altar.
Diary of a madman Gather all di ravello tapes.
Old Find all the classic parts of weapons and vehicles.
Offer and demand Unlock 10 replenishment points by completing meetings.
Power of permanence Defeat 10 enemies with the same attack of the spark eden.
An consummated bold Make all Medici risky jumps with a land vehicle.
Until under the stones Find all collectibles scattered by Medici.
Forgive me, father… Look for refuge in a monastery to eliminate level 5 alert.
It is not a fireball Destroys 30 enemy vehicles with the force pulse of the Mecha.
ˇSin bullets! Destroy all military resources in a military base without using weapons, grenades or explosives.
Fixing for the feats Make all feats.
Untouchable Challenge another player in a feat.
MODIFICATIONS Active for at least 1 minute all equipment modifications.
Eden year employee Get 5 pieces in all the challenges of the expansion “Terrestrial Assault Mecha”.
ˇAtrápalos to all! Get all the available vehicles taking them to Mario’s garages.
Unlocked and loaded Unlock all weapons and vehicles available in the Rebel Supplies Menu.
All for the winner, again Complete just cause 3 to 100 %.
Do everything you can… Exceeds a score to which you have challenged you.
All the pieces Get 5 pieces in each challenge.
A authentic teacher Get 5 pieces in all the challenges of the expansion “Celeste Fortaleza”.
The wandering medician Defeat 10 enemy vehicles while the launcher ship is in the air.

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