Hitman cheats: Blood Money – PC – Cheat codes, Guides


Edit the file HitmanbloodMoney.Ini In the game’s directory. Ańade “Enablecheats” (without the quotes) at the end of the file.

Then, during the game, press the [C] key to access the trick menu. Once there, introduce:

1/0 OSD Show: Show or hide HUD.Invisible Mode 1/0: Activate or deactivate invisibility.God Mode 1/0: Activated/Deactivated God Mode.Infammo 1/0: Infinite ammunition activated/disabled.INFCLIP 1/0: Infinite ammunition activated/disabled, but without having to recharge.Cloth test: Change costume to one of the possible ones at the level.Complete Level: Finish level.Time #: Substitute # for a number to accelerate the passage of time, the maximum is 10.Teleport: Teleransporta to some points of the level.Beam Here: Teletransportes Hitman where you notice with the point of view.

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