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Easter Egg

You can find Kane de Kane & Lynch -Other Io Interactive saga- in the adventure of agent 47.

In chapter 8 he sees the shooting gallery, and on the right side you will find this character shooting in imaginary fairies.

Hitman Absolute Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
A heavy load
One of ours You have mixed with people and you have fooled someone.
Minimize damage You have contained a situation that had been crooked.
Under a veil You have hidden a body.
All about my frikism You have started the benchmark to see how good your hardware is going
Your true potential You have unlocked a technique.
Discreet You have gone unnoticed by the entire area of a level.
Soporific You have left a person unconscious.
ˇUps! You have made a murder look like an accident.
The Chamber of Secrets
Journey with us
Casting the game You have completed 10 challenges.
Shake with the shadows You have mocked the attention of an enemy.
Larking dog, little biting
MUńECA game You have managed to make a lethal launch.
Silent murderer You have reached silent murderer.
Firm pulse You have entered instinctive shooting and killed at least three people.
The waiter always knows
Characteristics weapons
A girl game
See the light
A hard blow
The extermination fields
A caged bird
The moment of truth
Like a brush
The destruction of something beautiful
The last countdown
A personal contract
Dirty money You have completed the tutorial on how to play a contract.
Reach the stars You have completed 50 challenges.
Not worth it
Faith moves mountains
Approval You liked a contract, and you have indicated it.
You have to improve You have bought an improvement for a weapon.
Partners in crime You have completed a contract made by a friend.
Absolution You have completed Hitman: Absision? in professional mode.
Contender You have participated in a contract competition.
Your first contract You have completed the Creation Tutorial Contracts.
The Russian jackal You have achieved 47 head shots with the sniper rifle.
Life, arranged You have earned one million dollars in contracts.
Great master You have completed 100 challenges.
Competitive spirit You have created a contract competition.
Multifaceted You have gathered the 20 special titles.
Information is power You have gathered all the tests.

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