Heroes of Might & Magic III – HD Edition – PC – Cheat codes, Guides, Guides


Press TAB to show the console and introduce the following codes.

All built castles nwconlyamodel

Instantaneous failure nwcsirrobin

Instant success nwctrojanrabbit

+35 Archangel nwcavertingGoureyes

Ammunition nwcantioch

+1 level nwcigotbetter

Maximum luck nwccastleanthrax

Infinite movements points nwccoconuts

MORAL MORAL NWC Much Rejoicing

Secret items map nwcalreadygotone

The whole map nwcgeneraldirection

All increased resources nwcshrubbery

Maximum magic and 999 magic points nwctim

Have Death Knight nwfleshwound

Bright colors nwcphisherprice

Steam de Heroes of Might & Magic III – HD Edition

Achievement |Description
home Sweet Home The campaign “long life for the queen” ends
Liberator The “Liberation” campaign ends
Gentleman It ends 10 maps in difficult difficulty without cheating.
Sachez the vache!
Diabolical The campaign “Devils and dungeons” ends “
Cold blood The “Botín de Guerra” campaign ends fighting for Tatalia
Berserker Finish the “Booty of War” campaign fighting for Krewlod
Squire 10 maps ends in normal difficulty without cheating.
General It ends 10 maps in expert difficulty without cheating.
Hero It ends 10 maps in impossible difficulty without cheating.
King Lich The campaign “long life to the king” ends
Erathia restored The campaign ends “The father’s song”
Independence The campaign ends “the seed of disenchantment”

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