Hearts of Iron 2 – PCs – Cheat codes, Guides


Press F12 to get the chat window. Then introduce:

Neville: AI accepts all our demands.

FullControl: deactivates and activates AI.

Showxy: Sample coordinates.

Diffrules: Activated/deactivated CPU skill.

NOFOG: Activated/deactivated war fog

Nuke: It gives you a nuclear bomb.

Dissent: Create riots.

Energy: It gives you energy.

Escorts: It gives you escorts.

Metal: It gives you metal.

Money: gives you money.

Oil: It gives you oil.

Rubber: It gives you rubber.

Supplies: gives you supplies.

Transports: It gives you transport.

Manpower: Activated/disabled God mode.

Handsoff: Hands up/down

Showid: shows the ID of the province.

NOREVOLTS: Activa/deactivates rebellions.

Nolimit: Activa/deactivates troops limits.

NOWAR: Activate/Disable war.

Robespierre: allows you to make the reforms you want.

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