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Extra route

To get the route Bad Boy’s Love , successfully completed all other routes getting at least a different ending. Then, a new game begins and select the “Fulfill The Promise” option.

Favourite food

The following characters have preferences in their food, are the following:

Ryouta: Calm Corn Sakuya: Racing Blend Yuuya: Bitter Black Beans Kazuaki: Country Milletnageki: Country Milletokosan: Swollen Hempshuu: None, although Racing Blend causes different reactions.Anghel: Bitter Black Beans

Steam Achievements of Hatoful Boyfriend

Achievement |Description
While it lasts Get Ryouta Ending (ED NO.01)
Dream’s End Get Nageki Ending (ED NO.04)
What may eat Get kazuaki ending (ed no.08)
It’s a Sad Thing? Get Bad Ending (The Hawks Party Killed You)
Into the night Get Sakuya Ending (Ed No.02)
Song of the Foolish Bird Get Sakuya Full Ending.03)
Yuuya Only Lives Twice Get Yuuya Ending (ED NO.05)
Until Next Time! Get okosan ending (ed no.06)
To Pudding Odyssey Get Okosan Full Ending.07)
Such Beautiful Eyes You Have Get Shuu Ending (ED NO.09)
The Happy Couple Get Shuu Ending (ED NO.10)
To the end of emp how Get Anghel Ending (ED NO.eleven)
Carve it into your soul, Kid! Love Blaster! Complete Torimi Cafe Story (ed no.12)
To be the True Java Sparrow Get azami ending (ed no.13)
I’ll be waiting? Get bbl ending
?at The Dawn Get the BBL Epilogue (Unlocked By Getting All 14 Endings)

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