Half -Life Cheats 2 – PC – Cheat codes, Guides

God mode

Press the ~ key to make the console appear. Introduces “God”.

All weapons

Press the ~ key to make the console appear. Introduce “drive 101”.

Half-Life 2 Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
Undesirable element Escape from the raid in the Apartament Block.
Trust tools Get the lever.
ˇLevad anchors! Get with the boat.
Heavy armament Get the boat rifle.
revenge! Destroy the helicopter in Half-Life 2.
Zero energy fields Get the Black Mesa East Black Pistol.
Carambolapa Destroy five bars with a barrel.
Sacred soil
No battleship potmkin
Lord of the bugs Use León ants to kill 50 enemies.
Follow Freeman Controls a rebel squad during the uprising.
Freeman vigila Survives the second attack with the turrets in Nova Prospekt.
Square defender Survives the attack in the Plaza del Generator in the anti -citizen chapter one.
High radiation levels It crosses the toxic tunnel under city 17 in Half-Life 2.
Army of a single man Destroy six ships in Half-Life 2.
Blackout Turn off the suppression field by deactivating its generators.
Singularity collapse
Roof of giants Survive the battle with the mosquito on the roof of the careful ruins 17.
Memories from the past Find the plaque of the protective costume charger in Eli’s scratch.
Work accidents Kill 3 enemies with the crane.
3D advertising Nail a soldier to the advertisement board in the road 17 chapter.
Atomizer Disintegrates 15 soldiers throwing a field of spheres of the alliance.
What a cat? Break the Kleiner Laboratory MiniTransporter.
Sniper’s loss Ends all the city snipers 17.
Two points, colleague Use the Dog ball to make a basket in Eli’s scrapping.
Vortisorpresa Discover the hidden cavern of the vortigount singer in the water danger chapter.
Hygienic death Kill an enemy by throwing a toilet.
Sibanazombis Exceeds the level of Ravenholm using only the anti -rave pistol.
ˇ Sand! Cross the León Ants Beach in the Bunkers chapter without touching the sand.
Robbit Kill 5 enemies with a robberier.
Buscalambdas Find all Half-Life 2 Lambda Allys.

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