Half -Life Cheats 2 Episode Two – PC – Cheat codes, Guides


In the console, introduce:

God: God mode.drive 83: generate a flying.Notarget: enemies don’t see you.drives 101: all weapons, more ammunition.ch_createjeep: generate a jeep.Noclip: Don’t clash against the walls.NPC Kill: Kill all non -playable characters in the area.

Half-Life 2 Episode Two Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
Acid reflexes Kill an acidic worker lion ant.
Closing the gap Help Griggs and Sheckley to reject the invasion of León ants in the mine.
Doublet Defeat the two guardian ants on the outskirts of White Forest.
Mountain Survive the ambush in White Forest inn.
Rampant rapters Survive the ambush of rapores with Alyx.
Giving a channel Destroy the waist of the alliance in the scrapping.
Sealing Silo sealed Seal the launch doors of the secondary missile silo.
Polvorín defense Save the Silo of missiles from the alliance attack.
Lethal plantation Kill an enemy by placing a saving mine.
Dangerous rescue Open the Lambda de Rocket stash in the chapter under the radar.
ALERT OF ALIJOS Find all the hillside detected by radar in the chapter under the radar.
Sted Thoroughly Defeat Dog in a race to White Forest base.
Hit Run over 20 enemies with the car in episode 2.
Tumb Raider Steal the grenade of an Alizombi.
Osprey Kill 30 enemies by throwing objects.
Revenge Kill a ragtor with his own projectiles.
Pińatas party Break all web with episode 2 supplies.
This is how you do it Defeat to the helicopter of episode 2 without failing any shot.
Hot potato Kill a soldier from the alliance with his own Granada.
Dwarf Send the stratosphere to the garden dwarf.
Lonely gnome If you are reading this achievement, Gabe Newell has successfully launched the Chompski gnome to space. And if you have not received the achievement “manufacturing ascent”, Newell has abandoned its plans to launch Noam Chomsky into space.
Neighborhood protector Prevents them from destroying the buildings surrounding the missile silo.
Larvae binge Crush all ant larvae of episode 2.

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