Half -Life Cheats 2 Episode One – PC – Cheat codes, Guides


Execute the program by introducing -Console At the end of the direct access route, then click [ş] to leave the console and introduce SV_cheats 1 To activate the trick mode:

God: God mode.Buddha: reduce your health.Hurtme #: It takes you # life points.drives 101: all weapons.Notarget: Ignorated by enemies.Noclip: Without collisions.Maps: List maps.MAP map : Map load.

Half-Life 2 Episode One Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
Head It reaches the bottom of the hole of the main elevator of the citadel without losing his life.
Containment Stabilize the core of the citadel.
Ascent moved Survives enough to climb to the car park.
Atizo in the attic Destroy the ship in the hospital attic.
Ciudad 17 escape It escapes from city 17 with Alyx.
Civil escort Do not allow any civilian to die to escort them to the escape train.
Human sign Help Alyx to reduce 30 enemies in episode 1.
ˇ Three reflexes! Kill an elite soldier with his own sphere of…
Crush bugs Use cars to crush 15 León ants in episode 1.
Pacifist Stabilize the core of the citadel without ending any stalk.
Saver Kill 5 enemies with the same sphere of energy.
Silver Bullet The game ends by shooting just a bullet. Grenades, lever, rockets and the elderly gun do are worth.
Zombicoa Wear 15 zombie fire flares.

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