GTA 5 cheats for PC: All cheat codes and codes (2023)

Grand Theft Auto V cheats for PC

Here you will find all the cheats and codes of GTA 5 on PC that exist to get cars, motorcycles, weapons, invincibility, etc.

On this page you will find the most complete list with all the cheats that exist for GTA 5 on PC and the best tips and secrets. Finally, remember that if you have any questions with the game or you are stuck, you can also consult our complete GTA V guide where you will find help for everything you need.

Next, we show you All cheat codes and codes for Grand Theft Auto: V on PC . To work, enter any of the following cheat codes From the game console (ş key on the keyboard) While you play and without clicking pause or, Mark the numbers from the mobile phone of your character.

Cars and vehicle cheats for GTA 5 on PC

These are all the cheats in GTA V on PC to generate any type of vehicle from cars and motorcycles to helicopters , But unfortunately on this occasion there is no trick to generate a tank.

Mobile code console command effect
BMX bicycle: Bandit 1-999-226-348
Helicopter (Buzzard): Buzzoff 1-999-289-9633
Golf stroller (Caddy 🙂 Holein1 1-999-4653-46-1
Get the comet (sports car): Comet 1-999-266-38
Fumigator plane (Duster): Flyspray 1-999-359-77729
Get a limousine (silt): Vinewood 1-999-846-39663
Get a parachute: SkyDive 1-999-759-3483
PCJ-600 motorcycle: Rocket 1-999-762-538
Get the Rapid GT (racing car): Rapidgt 1-999-727-4348
Generates the Sánchez motorcycle: Offroad 1-999-633-7623
Acrobatics plane (Mallard Stunt Plane): Barstorm 1-999-2276-78676
Garbage truck (trashmaster): Traped 1-999-872-7433

Health and armor cheats

These are the only cheats with which You can be invincible or regenerate your life and armor to the fullest not to die.

Mobile code console command effect
Invincibility Painkiller 1-999-724-654-5537
Life and armor to the maximum Turtle 1-999-887-853

Arms and ammunition cheats

With these cheats you will get All the weapons of the game and you can have infinite ammunition or special for all of them and thus sow chaos.


Mobile code console command effect
All weapons and extra ammunition: Toolup 1-999-8665-87
Fire bullets FUETIRY 1-999-462-363-4279
Explosive bullets Hyghex 1-999-444-439

Cheats to obtain special skills and “powers”

With these cheats, your characters will obtain special skills and powers or improve their statistics so they will be practically indestructible.

Mobile code console command effect
Recharge special skills: Powerup 1-999-769-3787
Super jump: Hoptoit 1-999-467-86-48
To run faster: Catchme 1-999-228-8463
Swim faster: Gotgills 1-999-468-44557
Explosive Puts: Hothands 1-999-4684-2637
Plan/ Free Fall (Skyfall): Skyfall 1-999-759-3255

Cheats for police search level

Mobile code console command effect
Lower the police search level: Lawyerup 1-999-5299-3787
Increase the police search level: Fugitive 1-999-3844-8483

Cheats of the environment, weather, time and several

Mobile code console command effect
Drunk mode: Liquor 1-999-547-867
Slow chamber (Slowmotion): Slowmo 1-999-756-966.
Create an explosion from the mobile and get Black Cellphone: 19993673767
Change the weather / time: Makeitrain 1-999-625-348-7246.
Point to slow camera: Deadeye 1-999-332-3393
Lunar gravity (low gravity): Floater 1-999-356-2837
Slippery cars: Snowday 1-999-766-9329

Remember that the effects of these traps/cheats cannot be saved, the codes must be introduced manually in each game and cannot be used during the missions (and are deactivated when entering one). Addresses you have to click them with the digital crosshead. In addition, deactivate the trophies of the saved game, so we advise you to keep the game before using them.

How to get all collectibles and special rewards

In the following image we show you where all the collectibles of GTA 5 on PC are:

  • All parts of the spacecraft: This is the 50 parts of a spacecraft that Omega will ask us to find and if we do, we will get a curious reward.
  • All parts of the letter : 50 letter fragments that you will have to find, distributed by San Andreas.
  • Location of nuclear waste: You can get 23.000 $ for each of these nuclear remains you find.
  • Strange and crazy: Location of all the characters that will ask us of the most diverse missions.
  • Unique jumps: : Location of all the acrobatic jumps you need to complete the game at 100%
  • Location of all submerged packages: One of the best ways to earn money in the game.

Submerged and Collectible Mouses Map in GTA 5

In addition, we can also get a series of unlockable that we will obtain as special rewards when completing certain achievements:

  • Hot Rod Atv: This vehicle will give us to complete all the missions of the main story
  • EPSILON TRACTOR: To get this tractor in several locations, you must first complete Epsilon’s latest mission (without stealing the car or killing anyone)
  • Kraken submarine: We must complete the mission of photographing all the animals of the game to unlock it. This vehicle can only be achieved on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
  • Spaceship (Space Docker): It is the reward for gathering The 50 parts of the alien ship
  • Alternative costumes: The 100% game ends to get alternative costumes for Franklin, Trevor and Michael: black meshes, police uniforms, etc.
  • Various discounts on ammu-nation: To complete the shots challenges with bronze medal, you will get a 10% discount. To get all silver medals, a 15% discount and if you get all gold medals you will have a 25% discount when buying weapons in ammu-nation.

All Peyote plants and their location

In the versions of GTA 5 on PS4, Xbox One and PC we can find a series of “plants”, which will allow us to delire and control animals. The animal that will touch you is random, but the position of the peyote is fixed.

To know the location of All Peyote plants and the golden peyote We have prepared this map:

Peyote location

Gain a lot of money in GTA 5 and GTA Online

Unfortunately, in GTA 5 There is no code to obtain infinite money As it happened with other games in the saga, but luckily, what there are are methods, advice and secrets with which to win a good fortune in a relatively easy way, such as Invest in the bag and perform actions that destabilize or influence the market, find the barrels of toxic waste or submerged briefcases, use the occasional glitch (although we do not recommend it), steal cars , And a lot of more things you can consult here: All cheats, glitches and tips to earn money in GTA 5 .

Get money at GTA Online

If yours is online and opt for The multiplayer mode of GTA 5, GTA online , Surely you also want to get rich, but as in the base game, there is also no instantaneous way to achieve it, therefore, in the following link we tell you What are the best ways to get money in GTA online legally of course, so you have no problems especially at the beginning of 0 in this mode.

Other cheats, advice, bugs and glitches (eye with some)

The next section, we show you a Series of various secrets Among those who are also some that They take advantage of glitches or game failures To obtain a series of effects, but be careful, if they have not already been corrected, they will possibly correct them in the future and some will directly work with the updated game. But ˇeso does not mean that they do not exist! If what you want is to enjoy them, simply Don’t update the game or uninstall the update patches.

Recover health instantly

If you are not in a mission and go with low health, you can recover it quickly by changing to another character and immediately return to the one you controlled to have all the vitality.

Duplicate cars in the garage

To make this trick work, you must park the car you want in your garage and before getting out of the car put the slow camera. Just when you are leaving the vehicle, quickly change the character. Then, change the character you had in the garage again to get 2 identical cars.

Note: Although this trick has worked with all the characters, it is more likely to work, if we do it with Michael and we go to the garage of his house and change his character at the right time to put his hand on the door before closing it.

Get free properties

To take advantage of this trap, we must go to a poster of a property available to buy, and give it to confirm purchase. At the exact moment we confirm the purchase and save the confirmation video of the purchase, press ESC (or start if you are in PAD) and repeat any mission, although we recommend that it be a short. When you finish the mission you will have the new property and ˇ without costing you anything!

Get the canis table

It is a 4×4 that you cannot even buy in the game and supposedly you can not get it, but there is a way to achieve it, we explain how:

  • In mission number 69 you will have access to the canis table to escape a shooting.
  • Do not drive along the road, take the road on the left hill down for another road.
  • There will be a helicopter that pursues you, but you shouldn’t have problems dodging it.
  • Go to the garage of Michael’s house and park the car, then get on any other and complete the mission.

Once the game is saved, you will have the canis table for you, and also accept modifications.

Where to find the mini-game?

The mini-gun, or gatling machine gun, is a weapon with which you barely have freedom of movement, but the good thing is that it has enormous destructive power, so it is worth it.

To get this machine gun, first see the strong mosquito and then turn right at the first intersection, then go to the radio tower on the right side of the street. Enter the base of the building, go to the left and continue through the double doors to the stairs. On the last floor you will find the Mini-Gun, inside a room. As you leave there, it is already your thing, but quiet, because when you get it it will be kept in your inventory, even if you die and you can buy ammunition in the stores.

How to get a tank or combat jet?

In GTA 5 there is either any key to generate a hunt or tank, but that does not mean that you cannot get these vehicles in a more “honest” way.

To get the combat plane , First go to Franklin’s strong mosquito and enter the base with a fast vehicle. Then go through the door near the main track in the west of the map. As soon as you enter use Franklin’s special ability to slow down as much as possible, this will prevent your searched level from rising to four stars while it is active, that will give you some more time.

Finally locate a jet with the cabin open inside or near the hangar to further reduce the time it has been kidnapped.

For Get the tank We will have to do something similar, but once inside the base we will have to look for the tank. Usually just enter the main door so we recommend using the invincibility trick, so as not to die quickly.

Lose the police easily

  • When completing a mission, your accumulated search level will be reduced.
  • A simpler way is to drive to a tuning store and change the color of the vehicle. If you do without the police seeing you enter the building, you will instantly lower the current level.
  • Since the police will look for the vehicle with which they have seen you, changing another also helps them to lose sight of.

How to go out with turbo on the races?

This trick is very simple, but you may need a couple of attempts to perfect it. To go out with Nitro or Turbo at the beginning of a race, You simply have to accelerate at the right time you see Go! on the screen. If you do well you will get a small advantage at the beginning of the races.

Easter Eggs, Secrets and Curiosities

The mystery of the UFOS and the GTA 5 mural

In GTA 5 there are many Easter secrets and eggs So we have a specific section with all of them where you can find, for example: The mystery of UFOs and the mural , An ice alien, a submerged tank, the skeleton of an aquatic dinosaur and references to popular series and games like The Walking Dead, ˇbreaking Bad and Dead Island among many more things!

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