GTA 3 cheats for PC all cheat codes and codes

Grand Theft Auto 3 cheats for PC

Next we will show you the List of Grand Theft Auto 3 cheats on PC with which you can generate weapons, vehicles and earn a lot of money.

Like all other deliveries in the saga, Grand Theft Auto 3 has many cheats to make the games more fun . You may have arrived here by accident looking for something else, nothing happens. What you are looking for are Cheats for GTA 5, which you can see by clicking here . But in this post we focus on The cheats for GTA 3 that we show you below .

How to activate and use cheats

For introduce the cheats in the PC version, just type the words we indicate and press Enter . The trick will be automatically activated. You must keep in mind that You can’t deactivate cheats , To stop using them you have to load a game prior to the time you have activated them.

Grand Theft Auto 3: character with activated cheats

GTA 3 cheats

Next, we show you the complete list with all the cheats for GTA 3 on PC, with which you can generate vehicles, get invincible or get the most varied effects to make the chaos in the city in the city.

  • AMASUCKER: God mode (invincibility, maximum level, all weapons).
  • Gesundheit: You regain health.
  • Tortoise: You recover the armor – depending on the game version, it can be Tortoise.
  • Ifiwerearichman: Ańade money.
  • Jamdavej: Ańade 10 million dollars.
  • Morepoliceplease: Increase search level.
  • NOPOLICEPLEASE: Decrease the search level.
  • ILIIKEDRESSINGUP: You change your character.
  • Bigscore: Ańade 10 million points.
  • Cutie1: Ańade 99 lives.
  • Desires: maximum level.
  • Danismo: Ańade 200.000 dollars.
  • Muchcash: Ańade 500.000 dollars
  • Hunsrus: You become invisible
  • Livelong: infinite energy.
  • RSJABBER: invincibility.
  • Tumyfrog: all levels.
  • Chittychittybb: The cars fly.
  • Giveusatank: You get a tank.
  • Anicesetofwheels: Invisible Cars.
  • BangBangBang: You explode nearby cars.
  • CORNERSLimemad: makes driving easier
  • Fishflap: small cars.
  • Gunsgunsguns: You get weapons – the more times you put guns, the more weapons you receive.
  • Blastboy;Forallgt or Navarone: You get all weapons.
  • Godofgta: You get all weapons and ammunition.
  • Weaponsforall: Pedestrians carry weapons.
  • Flameon: You get the flamethrower.
  • Voltest: Ray gun.
  • SkinCancerformer: good time.
  • Madweather: bad weather.
  • ILIKESCOTLAND: level 1 fog.
  • Ilvescotland: Fog level 2.
  • Peasoup: Fog level 3.
  • ITSALLGOINGMAAAD: “crazy” pedestrians.
  • Nobodylikesme: aggressive pedestrians that attack you as soon as.
  • Boooooring: The game moves more slowly (it is not too recommended).
  • Timeflieswhenyou: The game time passes faster.
  • Nastylimbscheat: Activate the “GORE mode” (makes the game much more bloody).
  • Beefcake: increases the “brutality” of the game.
  • Elvis is here (with a space between Elvis and Is and another space between IS and Here) or Losefeds: There is no police.
  • Highfive: X5 multiplier.
  • Wuggles: shows the coordinates in which you are.

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