Evil Genius Cheats 2: World Domination – PC – Cheat codes, Guides


During the game, writes Humanzee. Then click the following combinations to activate the following trick:

CTRL + O: Access all items.Ctrl + T: Access all traps.Ctrl + M: Activate global chaos.Ctrl + N: Disable global chaos.Ctrl + C: Extra money.Ctrl + A: Get a hitman of each type.Ctrl + S: Explosion.

Evil Genius 2 Steam Achievements: World Domination

Achievement |Description
I take indirect control Build a control room.
20 minions Have 20 slender in the den.
I just arrived A new game begins.
A mind awake Train a slender basic science.
Knowledge does not take place Complete the tutorial.
Fire purifies everything Take an intruder and then destroy the tests.
Musculites Train a basic strength.
A place just for you Build a private shelter.
You have pissed them? Make an area confined.
50 slender Have 50 slender in the den.
Poker face Trains a slender basic deception.
A little hands Train a slender basic science.
Your right hand Recruit a lieutenant.
Arms expert Train an advanced force of force.
As ingenious as charming Train a slender of advanced deception.
An expert liar Train a slender of advanced deception.
A teacher Train an advanced science.
I already occupy me Defeat a superagente with your genius.
Evil does not know piety Kill a loyal lieutenant.
“Honest” business. Generates 50,000 gold units in your casino.
100 minions Have 100 slender in the den.
150 minions Have 150 slender in the den.
200 minions Have 200 slender in the den.
Unstoppable horde Reach the figure of 300 minions at your service.
Anarchy Complete a game like Emma in any difficulty.
Popular Revolution Complete a game like Ivan in any difficulty.
Golden age Complete a game like Max in any difficulty.
Utopia Complete a game like Zalika in any difficulty.
Of chief of spies to supreme boss Complete a game like EMMA in difficult mode.
Warlord Complete a game like Ivan in difficult mode.
All the gold in the world Complete a game as Max in difficult mode.
Humanity 2.0 Complete a game like Zalika in difficult mode.
Huge force Train an expert strength.
Do not need weapons Train an expert strength.
A professional Train a slender expert deception.
A dangerous mind Train an expert science slender.
All box tools Unlock all types of minions.
Greed Take an object like booty.
The seven wonders Take seven objects as loot in the same game.
Treasures of the world Take fifteen objects like booty in the same game.
A collection of incalculable value Take twenty objects as booty in the same game.
Your own museum Take all the objects available in the same game as loot.
Your trusted people Recruits three lieutenants in the same game.
A deadly team Recruit five lieutenants in the same game.
Get all Recruit all the lieutenants available in the same game. You will need to betray from time to time.
The touch of m.Yo.D.TO.S. Shoot m.Yo.D.TO.S. for the first time.
Unleashes c.TO.EITHER.S. Shoot c.TO.EITHER.S. for the first time.
Ivy v.AND.N.AND.N.EITHER.SA Shoot v.AND.N.AND.N.EITHER. for the first time.
Connected Shoot h.Yo.P.N.EITHER. for the first time.
ˇ More power! Try a world end machine with power 2 power.
ˇMaxima power! Try a world end machine with power 3 of power.
Annihilation Destroy all areas. Permanently.
A parable force Definitely defeat the surface of M.TO.R.T.Yo.L.L.EITHER.
Disabled Definitely defeat the Speragent of S.TO.B.L.AND.
Ex agent Definitely defeat to the surface of P.TO.T.R.Yo.EITHER.T.TO.
Another life that goes out Definitely defeat the overragent of and.OR.N.Q.OR.AND.
Crushed Definitely defeat the Speragent of S.M.TO.S.H.
My name is? Ends with a considerable threat.
At the height of your expectations Definitely defeat all the overlaps.
Hectic Make a certain agent fall into a certain trap.
Perfectly balanced, as it should be Allows the best spicy in the world to get yours.
Combat for the title Defeat the best saboteator in the world with Jubei.
Fight fire with fire Make the Superagent de M burn.TO.R.T.Yo.L.L.EITHER.
Natural selection Clona to a slender with the cloning machine and? Occupy? lower copy.
You only live once Die for the first time.
A thousand Accumulate gold worth one billion in the battleship chamber.
Corruptible Upload 23 criminal networks at level 4.
The first line of defense Use your casino to reduce the motivation of 200 agents to zero.
no no no no no no?! Combine a giant fan with a shark tank.
Who has smelled it Use a giant fan to attack an agent with a gas cloud.
Re-re-re-rewrite Bot an agent against 3 petacos rebounders.
Float like a butterfly? Combine a giant fan with a boxing glove.
?And itch like a bee Combine a boxing glove with bees.
Like gold jets Combine a bubble chalbujas with slippery soil.
Oven with fan Combine a giant fan with a flamethrower.
As in the trailer. Combine a giant fan with a laser wall and a shark tank.
Frozen food Push a frozen agent to a shark tank.
Curling for beginners Push a frozen agent to a petacos rebound.
They don’t deceive me Eliminates the cost of 50 agents playing with Emma.
Is it friendship? Capture and bust of a gross imitation playing with Emma.
I was always better Complete all investigations for the improvement of genius playing as Emma.
Of the old school Kill 50 agents through an old school weapon playing as Ivan.
The Supreme soldier FAC.
Gather the gang again Recruit a few old friends playing as Ivan.
Beautiful and shiny Create 20 gold statues and add them to your private refuge playing as Max.
Skilled labor Have 200 specialists at the same time in the den as Max.
Better and more skilled Complete all investigations for the improvement of the lieutenants playing as Max.
Weak mindcils Gánate 50 agents for your cause playing as Zalika.
Science above all Investigate everything playing as Zalika.
Incredible Wonders He steals from an extinct creature, another that has not yet been born and a treasure from another world playing as Zalika.

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