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To activate the cheats of Duke Nukem Forever we must finish the game at different levels of difficulty. Then, the cheats (or galleries) can be activated within the extra menu.

CONCEPTUAL ART: The game ends at an easy or superior level.Development agenda: the game ends at an easy or higher level.Rayo freezer of Duke Nukem 3D: ends the game in normal or superior.Duke sounds: the game ends in easy or superior.Adjust game speed: the game ends at normal or higher level.Black and white mode: the game ends at a normal or higher level.Change headpiece: the game ends in easy or superior.Infinite ammunition: the game ends in normal or superior.Instagib (single -shot deaths): the game ends in normal or superior.Invincible: the game ends in normal or superior.Mirror mode (Reves graphics): The game ends in normal or superior.Kinematic gallery: the game ends in easy or superior.Screens: the game ends in easy or superior.OFFICE PHOTOS: The game ends in easy or superior.

Steam Achievements by Duke Nukem Forever

Achievement |Description
Scrawl Garabatea something on the board in the campaign mode.
Cyclops of the balls Defeat the cycloid.
Laughter bottle Bébete a beer in campaign mode.
Nobody likes Los Lims Leave the actor in the show.
Extermination Kill 50 aliens.
Champions breakfast Take steroids in the campaign mode.
Annihilation Kill 100 aliens.
Natural trisastre Kill 3 aliens at once.
Baron von Nukem Brink 20 aliens fighters.
Big Stir 5 Shuts or Enemies.
Nuclear devastation Kill 250 aliens.
Champion of the pit Defeat the Titan of Las Vegas.
Shit thief Find and steal a nozzle.
Of deadly utility Kill 10 aliens with environmental explosives.
Not bad for a human being Defeat the alien queen.
Retuntamelones Kill 30 aliens by shooting them at the head.
Death on wheels Kill 15 aliens with the truck.
On the ground is better It suffers 10 demolition.
ˇ It has a hologram! Use a holoduke in campaign mode.
A titanic duel Defeat the Titan in the dam.
I need a towel Receive 10 impacts of pre -bombs.
Sucked Complete the campaign mode in easy difficulty.
Judge, jury and executioner Execute 20 aliens.
Matapulpos Defeat the octopoid.
Kill the bug Defeat.
Torito Bravo Kill 6 aliens with the forklift.
Ńam, ńam ZAMPATE 10 snacks in campaign mode.
Stepping strong Pisa 12 aliens.
Drugs abuse Bébete a beer under the effects of steroids (or vice versa).
Come, I’m going to give you Complete the campaign mode in medium difficulty.
Adhesive pump Place a proximity mine in a living alien.
Machace them all Win an alien abortion item in the stripclub.
ˇ Pissed! ˇDuke crushes! Kill 15 aliens with melee attacks under the effects of steroids.
Special thanks Trag all the credits until the end.
Black Sunday Brushes the airship that flies over the stadium.
ˇ Give yourself! Kill 15 frozen aliens.
“Air” Duke Win an Air Hockey 7-0 game at the stripclub.
Pulling hit… literally Kill 10 aliens throwing things.
Do I need an appointment Look up to the last page of a calendar in the campaign mode.
From all my heart
Hedonist, not misogynist
Chanchullero Kill 10 aliens with proximity mines.
Blood Bug
Sucked, as always
Gunman Take the gold gun throughout the campaign mode.
Come, I’m going to give you Complete the campaign mode in difficult difficulty.
Animal party Bébete all beers of the Striptease Club.
Company barrel Open the secret closet at the end of the crossroads.
A good trio
Steel balls Get a score of 1,000,000 in a pinball in the campaign mode.
Aggressive passive
Let’s give them again
I am the most male Discover all ego rewards.
Cabezacubo Find the 3 helmets in the campaign mode.
Call waiting Listen to all telephone messages.
Fishing Kill all siluros at the level under water.
I am the host Complete the campaign mode in devilish difficulty.
Bubble male
I am the most male! again!
Come, I’m going to give you a little more
I am the re-hostia
Extermination Kill 50 aliens
Annihilation Kill 100 aliens
Devastation Nuclear Kill 250 aliens
Hippy-stomper Foot Stomp 12 aliens
Judge, jury, executive Execute 20 aliens
Trapper Kill 10 Aliens With Trip Mines
Freeze Well! Kill 15 Frozen Aliens
Road Rage Kill 15 aliens with the monster truck
Fork The Pork Kill 6 aliens with the forklift
Dead Useful Kill 10 Aliens With Environmental Explosives
Tosser… in the literal sense Kill 10 Aliens With Tossed Objects
Duke Angry, Duke Smash! Kill 15 aliens with melee attacks WHILE ON STEROIDS
Noms EAT 10 Pieces of Food During the Sp Campaign
ON THE NOGGIN ‘ Kill 30 Aliens With Headshots
Substance Abuse Drink Beer While on Steroids or Vice-Versa in Sp
Natural Disaster 3x Kill 3 aliens at eleven
Full Body Tourettes Get Knocked Down 10 Times
Turd Burglar Find and Steal on Piece of Poo
I need to Towel Get hit by 10 pregnator bombs
Baron von Nukem Shoot Down 20 Alien Fighters
I need a date Look at Every Page of A Calendar in Sp
Sticky Bomb Like You! Put a trip mine on a live alien
Big Guns, Big Ships BLOW UP 5 EMEY GUNSHIPS OR Dropships
Air-Duke Win Air Hockey with A Score of 7-0 in The Strip Club
Balls of Steel Earn at 1,000,000 Pinball Score in SP
Flagon of Chuckles DRINK A BEER IN SP
JUICED Take Steroids in Sp
He’s Got A Hologram! Use Holoduke in Sp
Drawrings Doodle submothing on the WHITEOBOARD IN SP
I am all that is man Discover All Ego Cap Rewards
Gunslinger Carry The Gold Pistol Through The Whole Sp Campaign
Piece of Cake Complete The Sp Campaign on Easy Difficulty
Let’s rock Complete The Sp Campaign On Normal Difficulty
Come get sub Complete The Sp Campaign on Hard Difficulty
DAMN, I’M Good Complete The Sp Campaign on INSANE DIFFICULY
Special Thanks Watch the Credits All The Way Through
BUCKET HEAD Find All 3 Helmets in The Sp Campaign
Call Waiting Listen to all Phone Messages
Party Animal Drink All of The Beers in The Strip Club
Pescaphobe Kill All of The Catfish in The Underwater Level
Sunday, Black Sunday Shoot Down The Blimp Above The Stadium
Nobody Likes to Whiner Knock out the talent at the talk show
Lots of Whacking Win A Game of Alien Abortion in The Strip Club
BARREL Companion Unlock The Secret Closet at The End Of The Forkstop
One-Eyed Freak Defat The Cycloid
Pit Champion Defeat The Battlelord in Las Vegas
Not bad for a human Defat The Alien Queen
A Good Dam Fight Defat The Battlelord on The Hoover Dam
Octacide Defat The Octaking
Beating the One-Eyed Worm Defat The Energy Leech

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