Drakensang cheats: The River of Time – PC – Cheat codes, Guides


Code Effect
A8B479B52CD8 Rondra cholera potion.
14BB5655458D Arcane power ring of Hesinde.
3AED77AC2EDF Peraine blessing ring.
C458AEC126D6 Phex fortune ring.

Collector Edition Codes

Code Effect
Special weapon 48967F3B5C3DD35A49047661684048A2EFA576499093038AA DE5577749C4F4B8A718F169F38B7F608D64F95EED999BF9F7 DC1993A803B516FE45621F849D6
Special armor 7CE76523C85D2AB546F1748BA947BC7007597EADE8E0342E4 541E55D888B9880B7D2D4927738E2D61CAFA1A717A062E46 6ADF26DEC4F335C62AA30E30E0411E5

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