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Dead Island Steam Achievements: Riptide

Achievement |Description
The heart of darkness
Moron Kill 50 zombies by cutting their heads, crushing it or flying their brains
Broken into the tunnels
Siege hammer Place 5 barricades during the center’s defense
Henderson City
Reaches level 50 Reaches level 50
Military base
Defeat Harlow
King of Kings Find and kill all the main monsters with the name of the dead areas.
Fight on the roof
Knowing Serpo
You’ve already fooled me once
Abuson Kill 100 zombies from a kick
At your service Rescue 20 pn from zombie claws
Dream Team Complete all the main missions with one or more companions
Collector Find half of the collectible objects
Twins Kill the twins
At the service of science
Better than the arm Kill 25 zombies with the chainsaw
Pitcher Kill 100 zombies throwing melee weapons
Hippocratic Oath
Minefield Kill 10 zombies with a mine
Jet ski Kill 100 zombies using the ship’s turbo
Inexorable force Kill 100 enemies using load attacks
Mystery resolved Find all secret files
Reaches level 70 Reaches level 70
Maximum potential Complete all the missions of the game
Hoarder Find all collectible objects
Professional tourist Find all the guide pages
Information hunger Find all the recordings of the volunteers
That’s an order Mark 100 opponents for your partners to kill them
The great hunter Find and kill all the main monsters with the name of the dead areas.

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