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Duplicate objects and easy money

There is a way to duplicate objects, which will be sold, will be a way to get money easily.

Equipa the weapon you want to duplicate in the inventory wheel. Now the gun equips and keep the left trigger pressed. Lanzalo and as soon as it is launched, keep and (Xbox 360), triangle (PS3) or the fury key. You will have launched the weapon and you will have a copy.

Dead Island Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
How many days exactly? Play Dead Island at least 28 days after playing it for the first time.
The Cheats of the Office Reach level 10.
A bit of everything Kill a zombie with 10 different melee weapons.
The guarantee is canceled if used Create a personalized weapon.
Knock Knock Open a closed door to the first blow.
Do you need help? Join the game of another player.
Karma Geddon Kill 50 zombies with a vehicle.
Cardio Walk a distance of 20 kilometers on foot.
Hell in paradise Complete act I.
By highway Travel a total distance of 10 kilometers in a vehicle.
Together forever Complete 5 missions in a single cooperative game with the same companions.
ˇIt is a wound of nothing! MUTILA 100 members.
Good student Reach level 25.
savior Saves 5 people harassed by zombies.
Steampunk Create weapons to compete with the gods of fire or thunder.
Humanitarian Kill 50 human enemies.
I have to find them all Find 60 of collectible objects.
Short and slit Kill 250 zombies with sharp melee weapons.
Busy, busy, busy Complete 75 Missions cumulatively.
No Mapaches here Complete act 2.
Cleanly Kill 250 zombies with overwhelming weapons.
A very special day Kill 250 zombies with modified weapons.
first! Kill a suicide with an explosive.
King of the Jungle Complete act III.
Banoi atonement Complete act IV.
Stable relationship Complete 25 missions while playing with at least one company in cooperative mode.
Host distribution Kill 25 zombies with naked founces.
With one enough me Kill 5 infected followed by a single blow.
I want one of those Customize 25 weapons.
Very nearly Find 120 of collectible objects.
Originality Play in a cooperative team of 4 different playable characters.
How much I hate Kill 100 enemies with fury attacks.
Weapons do not kill, help Kill 250 zombies with firearms.
ˇGranada goes! Kill an infected with an explosion.
Extraordinary collection Loot 25 extraordinary weapons.
Ménage ŕ trois Complete 5 missions with 3 companions in cooperative mode.
health! Keep 100 times with a kit.
ˇAh! ˇCarne spoiled! Kill a butcher with an ax.
Life School Reach level 50.
Ten heads better than a Kill 10 zombies in a row with shots in the head.
Everybody lies Use a large kit to cure a lesion of 5% or less.
God of Thunder Use a hammer to kill 15 zombies without suffering damage.
Fire in the body Fire on 10 zombies at the same time.
Gift of people Play with 10 different companions in cooperative mode for at least 15 minutes with each.
From up to down Explore the entire island.
Give the controls Kill 150 enemies using analog combat controls.
Do not even think about it Kill an onsur.
Four riders Complete act 1 with 4 different characters.

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