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Fast final

As in Far Cry 4, you can see the credits and one of the finals in a few minutes if at the beginning of the game you make the “correct” decision, in this case, take the drug.

Lever on the first bunker

How to escape the first bunker with the lever.

We Happy Few Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
Killjoy Complete the introduction of Arthur.
Victory and defeat Blood Brothers Complete.
Happy as a partridge Take joy at the beginning of the game.
Employee of the Month Read all the articles of the newspaper as Arthur and censorship only the committed ones.
Villafeliz Enter the Villa for the first time.
Arthur «Cagaprisas» Hastings Consume Velocín as Arthur.
That kind of game, ¿eh? Recover Club credentials.
Enjoy the view Sabote the writing work of Clive Birtwhistle.
A brilliant medal
Linked factory
Cut tap
Callejera Tigresa You found booty in the alley
Thorough canalysis You found booty on the channel
Pushing You knocked up to 40 pn combining the whip and push
The great lubricant Deliver the cod liver oil to Sally as Arthur.
Survivor Survivi 50 days.
ˇFlores everywhere! Dies of an overdose of joy.
One Arthur Hastings The game ends with Arthur.
MORE JUBIL FOR THE MASS Complete the introduction of Sally.
They should not be red? Destroy 50 explosive barrels
Avizor eye Shoot at 100 round goals
Very read Collect all information objects
Metallicide Kill 8 robots in the introduction
Local hero Save all neighbors
Queen Faraday Complete act II
Deprogramming Complete act III
Chaos in the foundry Pushes 7 robots to the foundry
An incredible adventure Complete the DLC
Poor Viv Complete act I
N.ş 1 on the lists Artistic career award
One day in your life Survive the first day
The face b Survive the second day
Golden idol Make all Nick’s statues vibrate
Album notes Collect all information objects
Flipa in colors Make 15 people freak out with a single
Amadme less Serena to 30 people
Good vibrations Block 30 attacks by playing guitar
Mass success You hit 3 pnj with the same gold album
Full Nicky Dance naked in the bar
Bibliophile You gathered all informative notes
Self -actualization You unlock all improvements
Blackout You deactivated 20 different televisions with the releases
Natural You completed the DLC without using improvements
A ration of ultraviolence of the old Killer 100 pnj in the game.
Our “prudent” friend Listen to all calls on phone cabins.
Shocking biology Killer called Ryan Andrews.
Butcher apprentice Finish all butcher apprentice missions.
Globetrotter Foot on all islets.
Curious little mouse Complete the house of mysteries without discovering you once.
Cat collector Get all false cats in the Thomasine house.
Safe place Unlock all Arthur’s shelters.
Bubonic plague Contract the plague and check.
Messiah Complete the game without killing anyone directly.
Forrate or die in the attempt Win 1000 ze when looting or haggling in the game.
Flashback Find all collectibles.
Jack Special Program Get all uncle Jack programs.
Stepped his heels Find all notes related to Prudence.
Resistance is useless Talk to Johnny Bolton in the Secret Radio Room.
I adore the smell of chloroform by the morning Leave 50 PNJ unconscious with the vaporizer.
Old Block Heath Complete the Witches Meeting.
Rompecorazones Complete the conversation with Verloc at the Jubilation factory.
One Sally Boyle The game ends with Sally.
ˇ Hall with all! Catch 40 butterflies with Sally Caga.
Papi candy InycTate glucose 10 times.
Ray invocation Use 25 lightning rods like Ollie.
Explosion time Complete the initial sequence at the train station.
Hostage situation Complete the meeting there is no place as home.
Everyone hates you The Jacobino Club completes the meeting.
Revelations Retransmit the truth.
A OLLIE STARKEY The game ends with Ollie.

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