Cheats the Sims 3 – PC, all cheat codes and codes

Sims 3 cheats for PC

All the cheats that exist for the Sims 3 so that you do not lack anything. ˇPrepara your home with unlimited money and resources!

Make the Sims happy is not easy. Therefore, as usual, the PC version of The Sims 3 It gives us the possibility of using the classics Cheats in the form of console commands .

As it’s usual, Motherlode is there to save your life and pocket, as well as many other classics and new ones. Remember to do a Backup of your departure Before starting to play. Otherwise you may spoil your departure irremediably.

How to open the command console

As always, the first thing is know how to open the console of commands, which is the place where you enter the cheats. In this case, we must Press Ctrl+Shift+C , And once the console is open, type the command in question.

All the cheats of The Sims 3

  • Testingcheatsenabled True: Attacks the cheats (allows you to use them).
  • Testingcheatsenabled False: deactivate the cheats (it does not allow them to use them).
  • Help: It shows you all available cheats. Easier, impossible.
  • Help Commandotruco: He explains how the command you indicate on command works.
  • Pressing the address arrow up: shows you the last command you have put.
  • Jokeplease: Tell you a joke. No laughter of laughter.
  • Kaching: 1.000 Simoleones.
  • Family Founds Family Quantity: Give the family you indicate on behalf of Family the amount of simoleons specified in quantity. The maximum value is 999999, without points or commas.
  • Motherlode: fifty.000 Simoleones.
  • QIT: exit game. For vague.
  • RESETSIM NAMESIM: Reset the SIM specified in namesim. It serves, for example, if your SIM is stuck for some reason. It does not disappear, or start again, or anything like.
  • Fullscreen status: Activate or deactivate the full screen based on the status. Status can be on (full screen) or off (screen… Inclomplete?)
  • Alfelotlocking State: When using it, a lock appears on buildings that allows you to activate or deactivate the function of editing or buying them depending on the status. State can be True (you can see the lock and deactivate the limitation) or false (it does not allow).
  • FPS State: It shows you or not Frames For the second depending on state. State can be on (display) or off (not show).
  • ALLOWOBJETCSONROOFS STATE: allows to build on the roofs depending on state. State can be on (allowed) or off (not allowed).
  • MOVEOBJECTS STATE: It allows you to move objects that you normally could not move, and delete them, depending on a state. Status can be on (activated trick) or OFF (deactivated trick). Keep in mind that this even allows the Sims to manipulate and, since you are doing something that the game does not allow, if you delete certain things you will not be able to recover them.
  • Constrainfloorelevation State: allows the adjustment of any land regardless of what is on them depending on the state. State can be True (activated trick) or false (deactivated trick).
  • DisablesNappingtoslotsonalt Esstado: allows objects to be adjusted according to status. Status can be on (activated trick) or OFF (deactivated trick). It serves to place, for example, you meet next to each other.
  • HideheadlineEffects State: shows or hides all the status balloons on the heads of the Sims depending on the state. Status can be on (activated trick) or OFF (deactivated trick).
  • Fadeobjects State: It makes objects faded or not as the camera approaches so as not to hinder the vision based on the state. State can be on (objects faded) or off (objects do not fade).
  • Slovmotionviz speed: Determine the speed at which everything happens depending on speed. Speed is a value that goes from 0 (standard value, normal speed) up to 8 (the slower speed).
  • Unlockoutfits State: It makes the CAS appear or not the exclusive objects of profession and service depending on the state. State can be on (shows the outfits) or off (does not show them). The trick should be introduced before entering Cas.
  • Buydebug State: makes you buy objects of expansions that can be bought by general rule based on state. State can be on (allows buying) or false (does not allow to buy).
  • FREEALEALTATE: You can buy houses without spending money.
  • DISCOTAGS STATE: Change the colors of the icons in the view of the multicolored map depending on state. State can be on (change) or off (does not change).
  • Enablellas: “Activated flames”. Oh really. He does not seem to do nothing but send you that message.
  • Speed speed: Establish game speed based on speed. Speed can be a number of 0 (normal speed) to 4 (maximum speed).

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